Thursday, 24 December 2015


 Hey all and hope you are all getting a chance to unwind today. Here is my review of The Force Awakens. Sadly this is quite short compared to what I originally had blogged.  I was going to break down every character, relevant scenes, and explain hidden easter eggs, spoilers, and more. The new movie has been lost on some people even a few SW fans as it is a little vague in parts if we are to be truthful. Sadly I had to rush this review so its more of a bullet point like/dislike approach.

  I've had no choice, but to reduce this review drastically as I'm incredibly busy with uploading radio shows then also getting ready for Christmas vacation.  Hopefully I can still present the general idea of the movie without giving away too many spoilers. 

  I shall leave the negative until the latter part of the review. I want to state that The Force Awakens is a very good movie, but it has a lot of problems, which I feel would not be over looked if the film itself was bad. I've read many reviews and its hard not to get enveloped in the hype, but after watching the movie 3 times & discussing it with others its now the right time to share some thoughts. 

  The Force Awakens is a decent movie, which has tried to steer us away from the prequels. The cinematography is excellent, and one of my favorite scenes was at the beginning with the new First Order storm troopers in the APCS heading to the surface of a planet. A great opening scene and the new storm troopers are one of my favorites in the film. They are much more of a professional trained force that hit what they shoot at. So I really liked this feature and the way they left the APCS was more realistic with how troops emerge.

  BB-8 steals the whole show and is so cute. Pretty much the new R2, but a welcome addition who I'm eager to see along side C3PO & R2 in episode 8. BB has the same cheeky personality as R2.

  Rey and Finn I really liked and were solid in their roles along side Han Solo and Chewbacca. Rey who is the soon to be new Jedi reminds me of Asoka Tano in a way as she is a likable person that I can pledge my support too. I do feel John Boega who played the role of Finn put in a good performance and really stood out for me.

  The scenes and effects are all of a high quality as to be expected and they carry the movie nicely. 

  I'm trying to refrain from discussing the negative to avoid giving the impression I didn't enjoy the movie when I did. Its just full of problems that I feel stopped it becoming a great movie and instead we a got a very good movie, but not what it could of been. With reluctance I shall delve into the bad factors I guess, but just because I'm a sci fi/sw nerd doesn't mean I will accept everything and fall to fanboy fanaticism & dare not criticize it. 

  I'm not sure where to start, but Kylo Ren is a bit of a disappointment if I'm going to be honest. I actually liked the new light saber and even more so after seeing it in action. For me Kylo ended when he removed his helm. Before this the Darth Revan lookalike was quite a nice new villain who I was excited to learn more about. He's not a Sith yet and badly needs to be one so he can be held in the same awe as Darth Maul and Darth Vader & so on. However, I understand where they are going with his journey and evolution I'm just disappointed as he does not carry the same presence as Darth Maul or Darth Vadar.

  Kylo is more of a recent convert to the dark side akin to a naughty jedi with a little bit of the dark force. That's pretty much him. The problem is when his mask is removed he isn't menacing or convincing as an actor. Adam Driver was quite weak and came across as someone from the Twilight vampire movies experiencing a bad day. I guess imagine a bad Shakespearean actor and this is maskless Kylo. Hopefully this improves for episode 8 with another needed villain who is much more of a Sith. We need the Sith as much as the Jedi. 

  Personally the dark side faction were not menacing or sinister enough. Snoke was cool, but we only got a glimpse of him and if he isn't who all SW nerds think he is then I'll be very surprised. General Hux didn't look the part and was a bad miscast. The only character to draw me in was Captain Phasma, but she is only a bit part as well. So it was the light side faction aka The Resistance, which had far stronger characters and more presence on screen. The only person who I thought wasn't a strong lead on the Resistance was Poe Dameron. A forgettable character in my opinion when compared to Finn & Rey. There is worse though at least its not Jar Jar Binks.

  Overall this is a good movie, but it is let down by the rehash and remake method. The plot is a little weak to be fair, but we could actually call The Force Awakens 'A New Hope Awakens with a slight nod to The Empire Strikes Back'.

  There simply isn't enough new to give the film weight and I did feel it lacked a bit of grit and substance. Yes I really enjoyed it, but it could have been so much more. However, I personally think the reason this happened is Disney wanted to play it safe with audiences to see how it would be received considering the travesty of the prequels. The prequels had a fine enough story, but were let down by terrible acting and some sub par CGI. 

  No risks were taken with The Force Awakens and that is exactly what you get with JJ. He remakes older movies and adds a little here and there and provides a filler (as we say in hip hop) dumbed down script. Luckily it wasn't dumbed down to the level of the recent Star Trek movies. 

  To conclude its essentially a set up film and a good one playing it safe, but we need a deeper story, and a director or directors that can deliver an above standard pop corn script to do justice to the characters. I'm happy JJ has essentially done what he was hired to achieve, and it is the next best SW movie after the OT. For episode 8 and 9 we need higher level directors whether sci fi fans or not that will deliver the deeper story arc needed.

  The Force Awakens doesn't quite awaken and its a shame as it could have been great, but it is still a good movie setting it up for better directors to do the franchise justice. The 4th best SW movie in AZ's opinion. 

Monday, 21 December 2015


 Peace all. Struggling to post The Force Awakens review due to the radio shows I need to pre-record for the holidays. The review may need to be edited down to save us some time. 1.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


Peace all. Half way through doing a breakdown and review of The Force Awakens. Had to delay the review as I have yesterday's radio show to upload then 3 pre-recorded shows to make to cover the holidays so hopefully review posted tomorrow. 1.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


 Hey all as announced I'll be posting up a full review of the Force Awakens tomorrow. I wanted to watch it a few times before blogging so I can provide you with a review that covers all areas of the movie even the few minor negatives. I will break it down as best I can including spoilers and references to all things SW. 1.

Thursday, 17 December 2015


 Peace all. I've already been asked to post a review of The Force Awakens, but I want to wait until after another 2 viewings. The reason is to provide you with a balanced review that is not full of fanboyism. As much as I'm a SW/Sci Fi fan I'm not just going to say its the best thing ever. Atm I'll just say this. Its a good movie and a very good set up, but once people calm down there are a few holes, and thankfully these are only very minor. The best thing we can do now is enjoy it and thank Santa its so much better than the prequels.

  A good movie, but a full review and break down of as much as I can will be posted this weekend or early next week. My 2nd viewing is tomorrow. Peace. 1. 


 Yo what up peeps? AZ has seen The Force Awakens. We were lucky and got a ticket for one of the premieres. There are many things I could share with you all, but I need to watch it 2 more times before presenting you all with my thoughts. It is good so that's all we will say atm. 1. 


Wednesday, 16 December 2015



Peace all. Its Visionz with my fanboy fears, hopes, and excitements concerning the Force Awakens. As I blog this for the site today I'm struck with a sense of something special is about hit our movie screens. Yes the hype machine has been in full swing for the past year, but this does feel different. Its not the same feeling as The Avengers (truly disappointing terrible movies IMO) or Lord Of The Rings. 

  I guess with SW it is the forefather of all things modern geekdom relating to the huge blockbuster. Maybe also because we get to experience it now and can say wow this is what it was like for people back then. I'm an avid geek and SW fan, but I don't just like something because it has the SW label slapped on it. It still needs to be good or something I think is worthwhile or a solid idea. 

  The prequels were wack, but episode 3 isn't that bad. There are still positives I can enjoy from the prequels. Yes really there are. My answer whenever debates pop up about the prequels are to say watch the Clone Wars Series, the true spiritual prequels, and much better than the movies. 

  The Force Awakens feels different and I stopped reading any spoilers a few weeks ago as I felt too much had already been shown to the public. I hold my own theories surrounding supreme leader Snoke and so on, but I will watch the movie a few times before sharing them. Its hard not to be taken up in all the hype, but I do feel its something special which has been lacking from movie theaters for some time with the exception of a few movies and franchises. 

  My fears for The Force Awakens are what if it fails and doesn't live up to the hype? Early reviews says its good and the law of averages says we would get one good movie even if its butt due to the planned amount of SW movies. 

  I'm hoping to attend one of the premieres today then visit theaters for a second viewing the next day to help me just take all of it in, and grasp what I've watched. Of course I cannot say this is the most awesome movie ever until I've seen it, and more than once. But, my general vibe says the force will be strong.

  We will share our experiences with you all during the coming days, but man its incredibly hard not to get soaked up in the hype. 1. 

Collider Movie Talk - Independence Day Resurgence Trailer, Star Wars TONIGHT!


Ancient Visionz: Best of 2015

There are many more, but this list was compiled very quickly on the fly due to time constraints.

Sons Of Liberty
The Flash
The Last Ship
Star Wars Rebels
The Last Kingdom
Ash Vs Evil Dead

Movies/Independent Film:

Star Wars was taken away from George Lucas. Hopefully no more Gungans & Jar Jar Binks.

Average Superstar Films. Unbelievable hard work for the independent film community. A busy yr for Loren & the guys.

Mad Max Beyond Fury Rd. The sheer scale and size of the crew involved in making this momentous movie was insane.

Fast & Furious 7.

HC Punk. So many bands from around the world released so many solid eps/albums & more, and the list would be just endless so its easier to just name HC Punk. A strong showing for hardcore, which soars above all.

Jolly Jackers (Celtic Punk).

Killah Priest (UG/Spiritual Hip Hop). 

Black Anemone (Celtic Punk).

Celtic Punk - Fairly solid yr.

Triangle Fire (Crust Punk. For their help/support & friendship).

Straight & Alert Records (HC Punk. Awesome releases this yr).


 Yo what up peeps. I've been very quiet recently due to a severe migraine, which has kept me away from updating the site and hosting the radio shows. 

  I've wanted to blog about this for some time and share some thoughts with you all about The Force Awakens, which is premiered today (excluding the Monday LA Premiere) Wow!!!. I guess I'll start right at where most of us probably did to prepare for the new movie. 

Recently I completed a SW marathon to boss up and be fully nerded up on everything SW pertaining to the movies. I looked for every detail whilst watching the various movies and animated series so that I can retain every ounce of the force. Below is a detail of my fandom and how I prepared along with some thoughts on each part of the franchise.

Visionz SW Marathon:

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Ok I'm a huge SW fan, but that doesn't mean I will accept everything & anything with the SW brand as good. The Phantom Menace is one terrible movie with the only redeeming highlight featuring the fight between Darth Maul, Obi Wan, and Qui Gon Jin. EP1 after thoughts: I liked Darth Maul & Qui Gon but that's it. Wack.

Episode 2: Attack of The Clones: Sighs. Ok its not as bad as the Phantom Menace as we all know and its been said many times. However, its still butt. Terrible acting and Hayden Christenson reminding us of why he never should be allowed to lead in a movie ever. I was bored, but saying to myself "Clone War Series next. All will be saved". Ep2 after thoughts: I liked Obi Wan, Jango Fett, & the Clone Troopers. Hmm yup.

So with the first 2 painful prequel movies now watched it was on the far superior Clone Wars series. If you want to do the marathon to prep up then avoid the prequel movies aside from episode 3 and just watch the Clone Wars, which are so much better. The acting, story detail behind the various actors are up there so definitely the way to go.

SW Clone Wars: Seasons 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6(Lost Missions).

An awesome series only let down by a few filler episodes in each seasons. I'd recommend avoiding anything with the Gungans, Jedi Younglings, and Padme. 

The series explains order 66 and much more. Overall an awesome watch. Highly recommended. 

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Personally episode 3 is the only good movie from the prequels. I know Anakin's whining and Darth Tantrums are irritating, but it sets up the events for episode 4 nicely. 

Episode 4: A New Hope.  Nearing the end of the marathon so on to episode 5 & 6.

Episodes 5 & 6: The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi. Boss just like episode 4. 

SW Rebels episodes 8 & 9. Watched the latest episode of SW Rebels featuring the fan favorite Asoka Tano from the Clone Wars. She is a much more powerful Jedi who easily dispatched the two inquisitors. 

So there we are. I'm ready. Bossed and nerded up. I feel prepared for the Force Awakens. There are so many thoughts running through my mind about the new movie. I'll share them in the next post, but its rad when we think today is the day. Nerves and excitement are on overload. 1.