Monday, 29 February 2016


 I haven't had the displeasure (according to the many reviews I've read/watched of this movie) to see Gods of Egypt yet, but needless to say if I'm unable to go watch it I will buy it on DVD. I'm a nerd, show me sci fi, fantasy, and things of that nature then I get excited. My nerdery knows no bounds so the 'so bad its good' always works for me. 

  London Has Fallen is released this week so I may go to the theater, and review it for the site. Its stars alpha beard Gerard Butler reprising his role as one of the world's baddest shouty men. Fresh from shouting in Beards of Egypt, am sure he will be on fine form shouting at people again. My prediction for London Has Fallen is a big action film with finely crafted set pieces, and shouty men, all shouting at each other.

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What Happened to Darth Maul After The Clone Wars - Star Wars Explained (THE STUPENDOUS WAVE)

 Here is another video from the SW YouTuber 'The Stupendous Wave', and his personal theory on what happened to Darth Maul after The Clone Wars. Contrary to popular belief Darth Maul did not take a job working as a telephone operator for an online chess company. But, what did he do? Well The Stupendous Wave shares with us his own possible theory. Check out the video below. 

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Star City 2046 Scene | The CW

 Hello I'm nerding, really, really nerding. Boss, boss, & oh man look at this clip from the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

TABOO on FX | OFFICIAL TRAILER HD | From Tom Hardy & Ridley Scott

 Peace all & Happy Thursday. Here is a great new trailer for a Ridley Scott series starring Tom Hardy. Altogether let us release a collective excited gasp of 'oh' as we watch this trailer. Thank you.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


 A few months ago I blogged a trailer for the new Gods of Egypt movie, which is released this Friday. Oh people I just saw today a new short clip on the Nerdist site displaying one of the manliest outbursts again from the beard of power Mr Gerard Butler, the alpha of beards. Beards of Egypt is released this Friday, and yes I will be watching it whilst I learn the ways of the beard. 

Go to the link below to see Mr Alpha Beard.


 So I'd heard so much about the X Files and people told me you must watch this new series. I've never seen it before so I can only comment on the new season, but its not that good. The first episode conveyed a sinister atmosphere with a teasing story that had me asking questions and left me excited to hopefully discover the answers in future episodes. The acting is a little wooden, but I thought ok its not bad I will give this a chance. 

  The second episode was ok and decent enough to keep us watching. However, come the third episode in the series I was about ready to just turn it off. It really was a case of 'The Wack Files'. Complete utter wack is the only way I can describe it. Episode 3 was just terrible filler stuff with no connection to the main story arc featuring cheesy sub par acting at best. I found it ridiculous and insulting to sci fi shows everywhere. I'm trying to avoid dropping spoilers, but it was that bad. I'll give you all an outline, which does contain spoilers, and will no doubt stress the complete absurdity with this episode. A lizard type creature transforms into a human and works in a mobile phone store when he is not feeling scaly. Ok... yes awesome. 

  The reviews so far are saying the same thing that there are too many random lame episodes with no connection to the central plot. Its only when we reach the series finale are there any connections the whole point of the show. It doesn't leave us with much hope and confidence for the remaining episodes we have yet to watch. 

  Personally I think there are so many better shows out there, which I enjoy so much more, but as I mentioned at the start of the blog post I haven't seen the original X Files so I cannot compare them with the new season. I'm about to watch the new Heroes Reborn show today so I'm curious to see how it stands up. 



Monday, 22 February 2016

Supergirl Flash Crossover Details Revealed! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

The Nerdist uploaded details of the forth coming Supergirl/Flash crossover episode. Personally I gave up on Supergirl after a few episodes due to the very poor acting, but this is one episode I would watch & I may start watching it again. You know you are a nerd when you will watch any sci fi/comic book/fantasy show even if its bad. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Adam Bierman and Kurt Tazelaar interview Loren Lepre About New Movie Dark Military

 Here is our friend Loren's interview chatting about his upcoming movie Dark Military. Loren runs Average Superstar Films & made a documentary about the Pennsylvania Punk/HC scene. He also hosts a indy film event called 'A Night of Short Films'.


 Coming Soon.Net just posted an article about the new Predator movie, which has the image recently released from Fox. I personally hope it is not a reboot, but a sequel to Predators. The AVP entries were butt, but the other Predator movies were fine, and Predators was left with unanswered questions to explore. If no one has read the AVP comics then I'd recommend them as they are much better than the AVP movies. So I hope this is an actual Predator 4 than an unneeded reboot.


Monday, 15 February 2016

Watch DEADPOOL Easter Eggs, Secret Cameos & References

Yes we are Deadpool fanboys. Watchy watch below


Todd McFarlane Bringing Spawn Back for R-Rated Horror Movie <<<<< (AHHH FANBOY EXCITEMENT)

 Hello I'm a silly stoked Spawn fanboy. Our co editor Pat reminded me of this. So after Deadpool all I can say is Yes!, & Yes!

Go read here

Marvel's Daredevil - Season 2 - Official Trailer - Netflix [HD]

 Ok peeps its time to get stoked. Daredevil season 2 trailer, which, yes! confirms that The Punisher is in town! Also Elektra appears at the end of the trailer. This is a series that is firmly eroding the terrible movie of the same name. The Punisher is played by that dude from the Yawning Dead, Rick's cop partner.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


 Peace all. The only downside about being spread across a number of scenes is you get swamped and outside of the radio shows I struggle to find time to blog & update about other areas of interest especially movies. I'd planned to do 2 reviews for Creed & Deadpool, but sadly they will have to be short shouts outs. 

Ok first up Creed.

Solid acting, good speeches, inspiration, morals, and life lessons. Not over hyped and time was taken to develop and establish the movie. AZ says: Go see it. 


Ok I'll be straight up its one hilarious movie lol. Not the usual or typical comic book movie, but that's what Deadpool is. It stands up there on its own & is very entertaining. There are so many jokes in reference to the X-Men & much more. Just go watch it & don't drink when Deadpool talks or you will be choking with laughter. Oh wait for the post credit scene & the Samuel L Jackson joke lol.

The Huntsman: Winter's War Official Trailer #2 (2016) - Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin Movie HD

Deadpool TOP 20 Easter Eggs