Monday, 6 June 2016


Ancient Visionz Talk Radio Tomorrow w/ Dead Drift (Sci Fi/Comedy TV Show)

 Ancient Visionz Talk Radio returns tomorrow to be joined by Ken from Dead Drift, a sci fi comedy web TV series, which describes itself as
"Silly sci-fi/comedy about some idiots in space. A cyberpunk Red Dwarf meets The Office."

Its sure to be a fun show so join us from 8pm-10pm UK, 3pm-5pm EST, 2pm-4pm Central, 12 midday-2pm Pacific. 

Topics: Dead Drift, sci fi, comedy, and more! 

 Dead Drift Links:


Will the show be recorded?
Yes the show will be recorded & available as a podcast.

The player isn't working for me? Refresh your Internet browser.

Is the show live?
Yes the show is live.

Can I ask the guest questions?
Yes tweet me, email me, or message me on Facebook.

Here are my social networking links:


 How many questions can I ask? As many as you want, but please understand I have my own questions to work through and there are other people who would also like to ask questions so we can only include so many.

Where can I tune in? If you have access to the Internet you can listen from pretty much anywhere, but here are the links. Bookmark them for future shows.

Ancient Visionz Mixlir:
Player should start automatically, but just press play if not.

Ancient Visionz web site: - There is an embedded player on the site located at the top left hand side underneath the page tabs. Just click to play and tune in.

How long will the show be? Between 1-2 hrs. Depending on how long our guests can stay, but no more than 2hrs.

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