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Interview with Chicago's Morgue Supplier done by Patrick on 5-11-16

Here   is  a  new   interview  with   Chicago's  IL   death,grind  band  Morgue  Supplier.The  band  is  really  good  and  if you  enjoy  fast,brutal  death  metal  then  be  sure to  pick  up  Morgue Suppliers  new  cd   and  check  their  site  for  other  available  merchandise
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Interview   with  Stephen  R.   bassist   of   Morgue  Supplier   done  by   Patrick
 1.Hello  Stephen   how   are  things   going  with  you  these  days? Please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

Hi, I'm Stephen Reichelt. I'm a songwriter/bass player with Morgue Supplier (also Lost Dog). 

2.When  did  you  first  start   listening  to  metal?Who   were   some  of  the  first  bands  that  caught  your   attention?

I was probably in seventh grade when I started listening to metal. Slayer was definitely one of the first bands that pulled me into the genre. That then gave way to Brutal Truth and Morbid Angel.
3.When  did  you  first  meet  the   other  members   of  Morgue  Supplier ? What  is  the  current  line up   for   Morgue  Supplier?

I've known Eric Bauer(guitar and also drums on our newest release) since I was 15.  He joined up on guitar in the first real band I was ever in when I was in high school – we've had a musical a relationship ever since. Morgue Supplier and a band I was playing drums in at the time(COG) did a show together in probably 2007/8, where Morgue Supplier was playing without a bassist(my good friend Paul(vox) even said something on the mic that night to the effect of "if anybody thinks they can hang with this, to say so" and I did!)-I was immediately interested and the rest is history.

4.Morgue  Supplier is  getting  ready to  release their  second  self-titled  cd  through  Obscure  Music.How  did  you  all  come  in  contact   with this   label?   

Pretty sure it's the first self-titled. We shopped around and Obscure Musick 
offered us some things with regard to promotion & distribution that we were very interested in. Seemed like a good fit at the time. 

5.How  long   did  it  take  the  band  to  write  the   music  for  the  new  songs?Does  the   whole  band   work  on  the  music  or  does  one member  usually  write  everything?

This album took a long goddamn time! Our previous EP came out in 09, so do the math! Every member in the band had equal right to bring material. Both riff by riff and full song. We also played a pretty hectic show schedule through those years and would be splitting rehearsal time between keeping our live show together, and putting together the new material. We were never willing to settle for anything that we didn't all think was pretty sick, and thusly, it took a healthy amount of time to get this material put together. Plus we all are big boys and have commitments beyond the band that need seeing to.

6.Besides  the  new   self-titled  cd   does  the  band  have  any other  merchandise  or  releases  available  for  the  readers?If  yes   where can  the  readers  buy  the  band's  merchandise?

There are several places people can go for band merchandise - see below:

@ our BigCartel page(CD version & other merch):

@ our Bandcamp page(digital version):

@ Itunes(digital version):

@ Obscure Musick(CD version):

@ Dark Descent Records(CD version):

Vinyl edition of the new album will be coming soon as well.
7. Does   Morgue  Supplier  get  to   play  "live"  very  often  or  do you  all prefer to  work  in the  studio? What  have  been  some of the  bands  most   memorable  shows  to date?

The band has been quiet lately as we are in a search for a drummer. Eric has moved back to his real instrument/guitar. We did do a show in support of Nocturnus several months back and that was a huge success, but have been trying to find the right guy to guy to solidify our lineup since.

We've played some insane shows over the years. Ulcerate, Grave, Anal Cunt, to name a few. We got the opportunity to open for Gorguts on their last album which was an amazing experience for me as I hold them in the absolute highest regard.
8.Are  their  any  shows  or  tours  coming  up  that  the  readers  should  watch  out  for? If  yes  who  are  some  bands  you  all will  be  sharing the  stage  with?

Keep in touch and we will let you know!
9.Stephen  you  and  the  band  come  out  of  the  Chicago Il  metal  scene what  is  your  opinion  of  the  Chicago  metal scene  over the  years?

It's great to live in a city where there is such a presence of metal culture, but sometimes I feel like really pushing boundaries is not necessarily what is vogue in this city. I feel like Morgue Supplier might have a better audience on the coasts or in a scene like Miami.  Don't get me wrong – we are happy and proud to be from Chicago.

10.Who   are  your  all-time  favorite  Illinois  bands?Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the readers  should  check  out  soon?

Illinois bands.... that's tuff. We have played with Lividity – those guys are badass.... Other than that – we have a lot of friends and I don't  want to leave anybody out. 
 11.Other then death metal and grind  do  you   listen to  any  other types  of  metal   or   music  in  general?

I listen to all kinds of music – I have a music performance degree in double bass from DePaul, and also went back to school to get an education license so I appreciate music from all over the world. I play jazz, and am in several symphony orchestras in the region. Just keeping up with my performance schedule really keeps me on my toes.
12.Besides  music  we  are  big  movie  fans  here   do  you  get  time to  watch   a lot  of  movies? And  what  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  films?

There's a spike Jonze produced the film directed by Tarsem called "The Fall" that is very meaningful to me dealing with the beauty of life and our relationship to suicide – some seriously heavy shit.

Big Clint Eastwood fan. Jim Henson movies are very important to me- the Dark Crystal/Labyrinth.  
13.Who   are  some  of your  favorite   actors  and  actresses?

Mimmy van Dotchsnendvansen......
I don't know – who the fuck cares?!? Hahaha..
14.When  not  working  on  band  business  or new  music  what  do  you  enjoy  doing  in your  free time? 

I basically work on music full-time even when hanging out with my friends. It's pretty all-consuming. I run a small private school orchestra, and have a private lesson studio in addition to my performance obligations. Band business is my free time!

15.Thank  you   Stephen   for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview   out.Do  you   have   any  final  words  for  the   readers?

Thanks for reading – the culture of extreme and heavy music is very important to me, and I am happy to get a chance to talk about it- Keep listening!

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