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Rotten Casket interview done by Patrick on 5-28-16‏

Here  is  a   new  interview  with   The  Netherland's   old-school  death  metal  band  "Rotten  Casket.  if you  are  a  fantic  for  old-school  death then  defintly  give this  band  a  listen  today  buy the  new cd.
Interview  with  Willem   vocalist  for   Rotten  Casket   done   by  Patrick
1. Hello    Willem     please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers  and  how  are things  going  with you  these days?
Hello Patrick, Im the vocalist of Rotten Casket and I am still alive..
2.At  what  age  did you  discover  metal  music  and who  were some of the first  bands you   listened to?
A long time ago.. around 86/87, slayer, megadeth, metallica, the usual suspects... actually my dad had some black sabbath albums and if I take that into account it was like, i dont know, 82? dunno... too many braincells ago I guess...

3.When  did  you first  meet  the  other  members  of  the  band?Was  it  long  before you  all decided to  form  "  Rotten  Casket"?
not really, Frank, our guitarist and main composer put something on this social media thing called facebook which I stumbled upon via our current bass player Arjan... Just riffs and drums underneath it and I liked it alot. So I asked him If he needed some vocal diarrhea from my side on that and he said, yeah sure, why not?

At the same time practically, our drummer Niels wanted to sharpen up his Nicke Andersson Skills and I thought, well we have a match, so we went into a rehearsal room and tried some stuff out... Then Things went pretty fast and with Arjan on bass and Iwan on the other side of the chainsaw guitar sound we were a band and stuff... 

4.What  is  the  current   line up  of the  band?  For the  readers  who  have   never  heard    Rotten  Casket's  music  how would  you  best  describe  it?

Line up, see question 3... The music is a straight forward ode to the great ones of the early nineties swedisch HM-2 Chainsaw death metal. You know, entombed, nirvana2002, dismember etc. etc. etc. sometimes with a hint of doom in it, old paradise lost, d-beat crust such as Doom, wolfpack, hell shock, discharge etc. etc. etc. 
5. Rotten  Casket     is  getting ready  to  release  the  new  cd  "Emerged  From Beyond"  that  features  both  of the  bands  E.P's  on  one  cd.When  did you  all decide  to  re-release these  on  one  cd?

We got an offer of some label. i Think... 

6.Has  the  band  started  writing  new   music  for  the  next  release  Will it  be  a  full-length  or  a  mcd?
We have now three new songs ready, two of them we play live. its more crust-like and at the same time we are more leaning towards bands such like god dethroned and at the gates. sometimes you need to do something different otherwise you get bored... but the main ingredients are straight forward old school swedish chainsaw death metal. I think it will be a split or if no other band cares it will be a Mc something(tape, cd or vinyl) we haven't decided yet...

7.When  writing  new  music  does  the  whole band  take  part  in  the writing  or  does  one  member  write  everything?

Frank, the founding father of this horrorshow comes up with the basic structures and we finalize this together music wise. Stuff like Leads, fills, accents, etc...  The lyrics I write them myself.  

8.Besides  the  new  cd   does  the  band  have   any   past releases  or  merchandise  available  for  the  readers.And  if  yes   where can  the  readers  buy  it?

We have some shirts left from the latest recording, consumed by filth.
Also we have some tapes left from consumed by filth but not many..

The first EP is completly sold out and if you want something of that, try ebay or download it from our site: Consumed By Filth, by Rotten Casket

9.Does  Rotten  Casket   get  to   play  live  very  often  or  do you  all  prefer  to  work in  the  studio?

We prefer to perform live, thats for sure... In our short excistance we did a significant amount of shows and that was great fun. We are not a studio band, not at all. That is just a means to an end to get the release going and our main goal is to play live. old school death metal party!

10.What   have  been  some  of the  bands  most   memorable  shows  to date?Are  their  any  upcoming   tours  or  shows  that  the  readers  should   watch  out  for?
Well the most memorable date was at a small venue in a town called Haaksbergen at the beginning of this year... You should search on youtube on "Rotten Casket 1,2,3.... "and see for yourself...

We dont have any Tours because we dont have time for that, we all have busy jobs nessecary to pay our mortgage, some of us have kids, etc etc. so we only play seperate shows and weekend "tours"

24th of june we will support Entrails in Epe(which is nearby the dutch/german border) and somewhere in february next year we will support Revel in flesh with some shows. In the meantime we take everything we get offered that we like, so if some bloke is reading this and he/she has a nice offer, bring it on! 

11.Do  any  of  the   members  of  Rotten  Casket     currently  work  with  any other  bands and  if  yes   please  tell the readers  about  them?
Ofcourse they do, metal is always an inbred scene.... Our drummer plays guitar and does backing vocals for this utter brutal death metal band called Caedere and I and Iwan play also in another ancient band called Death Squad. Our bass player is in a band called Bloody Remains.

12.What  does  Underground  metal  mean  to you?
50 euros and a crate of local beer?
dunno... I dont like the term underground or commercial or whatever... Its labelling, fuck that. Listen to what you like and thats the end of it.  I like the first albums of Cold Play, Muse and Nelly Furtado, Madonna, Shocking Blue, so what? I also Like left hand path, the bleeding, pierced from within, police bastard, Cunt like a bear trap, lokal or national death metal stuff, black metal stuff, crust, punk, pop usw, usw.... so, to be short. It means nothing to me. Just have a couple of beers, some joints or whatever crap you fancy to stuff in your skull, go to a gig and party the hell out in the pit. period. 

13.Rotten  Casket   comes  out  of  The  Netherlands death  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of  the  scene  in the  Netherlands?
We have excellent bands now. I name a few: Entrapment, Massive Assault, Warmaster, Neocesear, Teethgrinder... the list goes on and on... It is very vivid and diverse and that is how it should be.

14.Who  are your  all-time  favorite  bands  coming out of    the  Netherlands  scene?Are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
The Osdorp Posse together with Nembrionic  and their album "Brilliant, Hard en Geslepen" turning dynamo fest 96 upside down. A brilliant fusion of brutal hip hop and death metal dutch style in my humble opinion... Geen slaap tot Osdorp (Live Dynamo Open Air 1996) - Osdorp Posse & Nembrionic

Besides that, Sinister with their first three albums, Asphyx, Pestilence, Gorefest with their first two albums, Eternal Solstice, Mourning, The Gathering first album, etc etc etc etc...

15.Willem   you  handle the  vocals  for the  band  at  what  age d id you  become  interested  in  singing and growling? Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep your  throat and voice  healthy?
Well, it was at a party at our university campus a guy who played drums in a death metal band was asking me if I was interested to do vocals in his band called "Lich Mistress" a bit of a mixture between old Sepultura, Melodic Swedish death metal such as In Flames(old stuff), at the gates and old UK style such as Benediction and Bolt Thrower(yeah what a combination eh?) I think I was 20 at that time or something, damn these braincells... He asked me, come join us, I was laughing but I tried it and so it went on and on... and no I wont tell you my secret... Only It involves some good Local brand called Grolsch.....

16.Who  are  some  of your  favorite  vocalists? Besides the  vocals  do  you   play  any  other   instruments?
No I dont have any musical talent. I tried to play guitar but my Locomotion is genetically fitted to M16 Bolts and bigger and BSP thread systems of 1" and larger so no. Maybe pounding a 300 liter oil barrel in a 4/4 rithm with a maul will fit me..

About that vocalists stuff... too many to mention: Ross Dolan, Peter Tagtren, Nick Holmes, Chris Barnes(Bleeding and Haunted era), Mikael Akerfeld, John Fogerty, Eric Burdon, Iggy Pop, Mike van Mastrigt, Dave Ingram, Mark Greenway, Jeff Walker, Orvar Safstrom, Matti Karki, Mats Leven, Jorgen Sandstrom,
John Lennon, Ray Davies, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Tom Araya,  Bruce Dic... I will stop now otherwise It will take too much of your webspace....

17.Thank  you   Willem  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out.Do  you  have   any  final  words  for   the  readers?
Thank you patrick for hearing us out! Preciate it!

To your readers: Please keep your mind open, dont think in booths, listen to what your heart opens up to you if it is death metal, dark ambient, pop music, hiphop or black metal. Its your party!! you live only once! remember that.... Music is the only way to escape and to cope with your daily routine of shit called life so cherish it with everything you got.

Stay Punanital! 

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