Saturday, 8 October 2016


Peace all, the update is going to be short due to the severe tech issues we are experiencing atm. The Wastelands is hopefully back next weekend on our main machine. I need to keep this short due the lap top screen freezing and locking.

Tech Issues:-

* Back up lap top cannot handle running the show, it's already struggling.

* Unable to post or promote or do much on the back up lap top, screen locks/freezes.

* Ancient Visionz: site updates resume when PC is ready and repairs complete, Shepherd review finished & posted when we are back with PC.

Radio Shows:-

* Wastelands back asap when main machine has been repaired. 

* Crimson Bones Thrash show is returning for a monthly edition.

* Underground Hip Hop show coming back, details soon.

* Ancient Visionz Talk Radio is now as & when, if there is a guest booked, the show will go live.

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