Monday, 9 January 2017

Invasion - "Approaching Cauldron of Horror" (BRUTAL DM, PROMO VIDEO)

Invasion are a brutal death metal band from Indiana, and are due to release a new album on February, 17th. Further info about the forth coming album can be read below. But, let me chat to you briefly about the music and what I can hear. As usual, I may go nerding and mention what my imagination conjures whilst I'm listening. Hey I read comics and watch movies all the time, so it is a given. 

Invasion's sound is heavy and feels like a fully unleashed tank steaming rolling ahead with thunderous tracks making their mark upon the ground. The guitars are played at a powerful and rapid rate, assaulting the senses through a well crafted wall of mosh carnage. The guys have obviously worked long and hard, and it shows. Vocals, drums, and guitars are well rounded forming a strong team. 

I can hear small traces of grind within the riffs combined with slight bits of hardcore, which adds to the notable dominant riffs. Invasion also switch up to the thrashy speed of old school dm, which is then injected into a Brutal DM mosh machine. If we consider the strong hard work ethic Invasion uses, then I predict the forth coming new album will deliver an extremely high standard of death metal music.  

FFO: Brutal DM, DM, Old School DM, concept albums.


Track from Invasion album 'Destroyer of Mankind' (Abyss Records, 2/17/2017).

After six years since the release of their last album, Indiana’s war-themed Death Machine INVASION will release Destroyer of Mankind via Abyss Records. The band’s fourth album is nothing short of a devastating onslaught of Death Metal!

This brutal and uncompromising release demonstrates INVASION’s vicious blitzkrieg and wages battle with new members Dan Klein (drums) and John Hehman (lead guitar), while main songwriter/lyricist/guitarist Peter Clemens continues his obsession with World War II. Peter had this to say about the band’s activities leading up to the recording of Destroyer of Mankind:

"It's been almost 6 years since ‘Orchestrated Kill Maneuver’ was released on Rotting Corpse Records, and it's been somewhat of a frustrating endeavor. We lost original drummer Dave ‘Ross’ Cady in early 2014 and had auditions for the vacancy, which led to more delays, but in the end we acquired Dan Klein (FIN/NOCTURNE) on drums and lead guitarist John Hehman (YEAR OF DESOLATION). Plus we teamed up with SEA OF TRANQUILLITY/SCREAMKING guitarist Ralphael Hernandez who played on the ‘Berserk Artillery Barrage’ CD from 2001, so things have been moving forward."

Asked about his switch from guitar to bass, Peter stated "I'm an average guitar player so I had no problem handing guitar duties to John Hehman. He's an excellent musician with a good ear, and teaming up with him to work on the new INVASION recordings was an obvious choice. John pretty much helped lay the groundwork for the recordings in his studio (Broken Toe/Bang Recordings) and things turned out great."

"From Above Merciless Death Now Rains On Your Fucking Parade"

Uploaded with permission from Invasion for promotional purposes.

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