Wednesday, 29 March 2017



 Hey all, hope the week is treating you good. It has been sometime since I've posted any updates, but Pat has contributed to the site whenever able, so thx to him as always. Just a reminder concerning why site updates and radio shows are sometimes placed on temporary hold.

  I'm a post grad student and my workload can be extremely heavy, which means there is limited time to do anything else if work is due to be handed in and so on. It is not just assignments for classes, but also the reading and preparation I'm required to do for each session. Sometimes during an extremely busy period the radio shows and site are placed on temporary hold in-order for me to concentrate on school work. Thankfully it is only every few weeks, but if you ever wonder why reviews sometimes can appear to be short, or I just focus on radio shows, then now you know.

   Ancient Visionz isn't in the leagues of the major zines/sites/blogs that contain 20-40 reviewers and can easily update consistently. Myself and Pat do this for the genuine love of the music and it is 100% DIY, and we are happy to share that passion with our readers.

  I'm reluctant to ask for help with Ancient Visionz due to past experiences with unreliability, a reviewer would join the site, post one update, and we would never hear from them again.

  We are considering launching a separate site for film reviews/random nerding, or maybe a section on AV titled Gaz's Budget Reviews. The problem would be regular updating for another site due to the reasons above, so I'm unsure whether to explore the option. Music is my main passion, and movies are a break and a chance to relax from that paradigm. I tried the approach of covering everything and anything on AV, but it resulted in AV only attracting a film audience, and my movie nerdings are random one offs. However, we make up for it on Paradigm Radio (chat show), featuring myself and VX with regular movie nerdathons. 

  I hope the statement clears things up for those who are wondering, and ask where I disappear to at times.

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