Thursday, 3 August 2017


 Recently, I announced I was ready to try a second radio show again. I was leaning towards catering for a punk/hc edition. However, my punk/hc shows always struggled for support compared to the metal edition, which was why my former punk/hc and underground hip hop shows were always put on hiatus, or cancelled altogether.

  An easy solution would be to do another episode of the Saturday format, but re-adding more punk/hc into the flow. So it would be something along the lines of hc, hc punk, nyhc, metallic hc, grindcore, crust grind, fastcore/pv, crust, d-beat, stench, death metal, thrash, traditional heavy metal, metal punk, undergroud punk (no pop punk), and maybe celtic punk flowing with the underground punk.

  Further updates soon when I've decided what option to undertake regarding a 2nd show from Ancient Visionz.

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