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SAVAGE ANNIHILATION “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” XENOKORP



New SAVAGE ANNIHILATION album, "Quand s'abaisse la croix du blasphème", is available for preorder.

Release date: October 13th // Promos available mid-September "Organe après organe" official song streaming unleashed


All links and infos are below. Here are direct links to all relevant infos if you prefer:

    All album details at XENOKORP.com
    YouTube song stream
    SoundCloud song stream
    Preorders direct link


Often mistakenly taken for the orthodox Death Metal band they can seem to sound like if not really paying attention to what they create, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION are a unique band pushing the envelope of their old-school influences to embark the listener into a world of their very own.

Lyrically, it’s gross. It’s crude. It’s raw. It’s dismembered and grotesque. Musically, it’s brutal. It’s heavy. It’s violent… but there’s far more than what the rotten eye can see: SAVAGE ANNIHILATION’s creations are all part of a global concept and it’s all about hopelessness and desperation.

Started fifteen years ago, the band took ten years to shape, define, re-define and re-shape their unique artistic approach and release their debut, “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” (2012) and it took them five more years to come with the sequel, “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème“, going even further into their post-apocalyptic visions of a world beyond doomed.

Following the path started with its predecessor, the new album is total nihilism, pure heresy and blasphemy, gore beyond gore ; savage, annihilating but it’s first and foremost an artistic, conceptual story where salvation doesn’t exist.

Fewer yet longer songs, all connected one to the other make “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” a tough listen, an oppressing experience and a challenge somehow, and when you think you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel when you reach the last track of this nightmarish journey into gruesome horror (and few will be strong enough to survive such an unsustainable nauseating bad trip!), “Le tombeau de l’atrocité” featuring international opera singer Claire Motté again (she was already a guest on their debut), you’ll soon discover this beautiful moment of sublime grace is in fact the last spark of life into your eye before you die.

Welcome to your most fascinating nightmare.

    XKR007CDLE – 500 hand-numbered copies DigiPak CD first print
    XKR007LPLE – 300 hand-numbered copies 12″ LP first print
    XKR007D – Digital

Release Dates

    14-AUG-2017 – Preorders at XenoKorp.com
    13-OCT-2017 – Worldwide release

Track List

    Dévorante dégénérescence anthropophage
    Par-delà les dunes de cadavres
    Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème
    Organe après organe
    Le tombeau de l’atrocité
    When the Slayer Bangs His Head *

    Total Running Time : 33:36 (CD & Digital) / 37:15 (LP)

    * : exclusive vinyl bonus track
    Special guest vocals :
        Déhà on “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème“
        Claire Motté and Dum’s on “Par-delà les dunes de cadavres“
        Claire Motté on “Le tombeau de l’atrocité“
        Sybille Colin-Tocquaine and Dum’s on “When the Slayer Bangs His Head“


    David “Dave” Chaigne – Guitars & Vocals
    Benoît “Crawling B-Low” Jean – Bass
    Mickael “Mike Savage” Chaigne – Drums


    All music and lyrics by SAVAGE ANNIHILATION
    Mixed and mastered by HK at VAMACARA studio
    Artwork and layout by Poups for UNDEAD KREATION
    Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP records
    Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing

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