Thursday, 7 September 2017



Ancient Visionz returns this weekend featuring a live on air interview with Jon from Asher Media Relations. I'll be chatting to Jon about his work in metal, Asher Media Relations, the various festivals he helps promote, metal music, movies, and much more!

Join us from 2pm EST (US)/3pm CST (US)/11am Pacific (US)/7pm UK/8pm CET on

Questions can be emailed to

Asher Media:

There is no chat room for the show. Due to the tendency for people to behave disruptively in chat rooms, it is something that we do not wish to explore with Ancient Visionz Talk Radio. This ensures a smooth interview, and allows integrity and respect for the artist.

Please note, I'm 100 % DIY, and am not in a studio, sometimes technical problems happen that can not be avoided, which means cutting to a music break and restarting the call. Please be patient if Skynet decides to invade the show.

The show is recorded and will be made available as a podcast.

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