Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A new writer is helping out the web-zine {Posted by Patrick}

Just a  quick  note
Gaz  has said it was ok  for  my  friend Anders  to  do  reviews from  time to  time.So  hopefully  he  can  do  a  few  every month.
Keep  watching  the site  it  will be  updated  very  soon

Thanks for  taking the   time to  read  this  post  I  am  posting this  to  introduce  a  new writer  for  this web-zine  his name  is  Anders  and  he  is a  part  of  the  metal/rock band Declared Dead{Check  below  for his bandcamp and  other  sites}  he  has  a  variety  of  influences and favorite genres  so  each  of his  releases  are  different  and  very  original.
I will  be  posting  some  of  Anders reviews  here in a  minute  so  be  sure to  check them  out  and keep  watching the  zine  for more  of Anders  reviews.

Here  are  Declared Dead's  web-sites

Declared  Dead

AND if you  are  a  fan of metal/rock and are looking for something different be sure to download or just listen to his releases.And if you  run a  web-zine or  radio-station  or  show  be  sure to  contact  Anders  about  reviews  or  airplay.

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