Sunday, 29 October 2017


Writing out of character for a moment. I'm unsure whether the narrated story parts flow on the show, so I may remove those portions from the show in the future and concentrate on the regular radio format sections and skits. The Wastelands theme and character of The Waste Wanderer remain.

Tune in now and see what you think. Today's episode is a 4hr show.

Today's genres: Death Metal, Punk, Metal, HC Punk, Crossover, Underground Hip Hop, Thrash, Crust Punk, D-Beat, Boom Bap, Conscious Hip Hop, Grindcore, Stench, Folk/Celtic Punk, Doom, Desert Rock, Metal Punk, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Death Punk, HC, Metallic HC, Crust Grind, Fastcore, & more!

Listen live here @ this link:

Yo, what's good y'all? I've returned from my wandering to share this episode's sacred rhythms & sounds of The Wastelands.  I've heard her song, heard her sing, I wander, searching, seeking, and unearthing long forgotten sounds. Will you join me on my mission?
The Waste Wanderer.

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