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I was originally sent the promo for Break The Paradigm sometime ago, but school studies led to a heavy back log. Ok, enough about me and on to the band.

Sinaro are a heavy metal band from New York with thrash and power metal influences mixed into their sound. At least that is what I can hear with Break The Paradigm.

SINARO is: Gus Sinaro - Vocals/Guitar Steven Riccio - Guitar/Backing Vocals Jeff Hinz - Bass Zaki Ali - Drums

Featuring: Oli Herbert of “All That Remains” Mixed/mastered by: Chris "Zeuss" Harris Engineered by: Nick Bellmore Videography by: Tom Flynn Extra solo footage by: Eric Dicarlo  







Obscene's EP Sermon To The Snake is an interesting release drawing from old school dm, doom, hc, and metallic hc. I'm a huge hc fan as well, so the influences stand out, but it is there with both the vocals and music. I guess think Obituary with traces of metallic hc thrown into the pot. However, Obscene aren't an Obituary clone and there is enough they do to create their own sound. Simply put, a good piece of death metal, which yes has influences from other areas, but that isn't a bad thing. I like it, and its beautiful when those amalgamations are woven together. Its like I'm stood at front of the pit waiting for my mosh. I want my work out, and Obscene deliver.

Down tuned, grimy, sewer trenched riffs coupled with an atmosphere that takes hold of your ears and says ok you want to mosh? Do you want something unfiltered, unpolished and retains the stench? Sermon To The Snake answers these questions. The pace isn't the fastest on some tracks, but it does not detract from the overall vibe of the EP. As I'm sat writing this review, I need a poo. I just eat some more Christmas cake, and upon hearing the EP, I was like;
'Oh man, I'm going to be breaking the barrier if I don't go in a mo.'

It induced the urge in me to drop, as I became very stoked listening to Sermon To The Snake. I don't care if its metal, hc punk, or underground hip hop. I want to be made to feel that I'm going to drop depth chargers in my pants due to the feelings the music conveys. Genuine music should make you feel like this, and Sermon To The Snake succeeds. Its the excitement and emotion when you are saying to yourself whoa, man, just man. That kind of feeling.

Torture Tranquillity would of been the track I'd have featured on The Wastelands Radio. Sermon To The Snake is a promising EP and leaves me wondering how the follow up is going to sound, which of course is a good thing. If you are a looking for a band that just gets down to it, then Obscene doesn't disappoint. The sound draws from old school dm, doom, hc, and metallic hc.  

Raw, direct, and to the point. When I can think of a rating system, I'll introduce one for reviews, but for now, Sermon To The Snake would of been a hyper inducing moment on The Wastelands, and as noted earlier, its helped me relieve myself of Christmas cake. Sweaty stenchy mosh, which should not be slept on. 

Sermon To The Snake is released on Jan, 18th, 2018, so be sure to pre-order it.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the New Year celebrations. Happy New Year from Ancient Visionz!


During my holiday break I thought about how to take the site further forward since announcing The Wastelands would go on hiatus. I'm not stopping radio shows altogether, but am moving ahead with the talk radio side of Ancient Visionz, focusing on interviews and discussions. Concentrating on the chat shows also frees up time to invest in writing reviews, which cover both music and movies. A concept, which was difficult to balance in the past.

The Wastelands is on hiatus due to a lack of support for the live editions. It had got to the point where I could no longer DJ to either 0 or just 2 people. But, I'm actually relieved and stoked to be progressing forward. I'm currently exploring a few areas to expand the chat show, but maybe restricted by the usual DIY funds barrier i.e. zero budget studios.

Ancient Visionz Options for 2018

1. One option is to either upload the chat show interviews to YouTube, or to somehow integrate the Ancient Visionz Radio show/site with YouTube. Not sure if it is viable yet, but could be a cool addition and would feature content from the site and radio show.   
2. I'm also recruiting guests to join me on a monthly round robin show to discuss metal, punk, movies, comics, indie film, and underground hip hop. I'm trying to balance out the interviews and shows and provide more of a mix. 

3. Other new areas I want to make available are for people to request movie reviews whether major or indie releases. If there is a film you would like me to write about, then just hit me up. I can record movie reactions from the theatre (only audio form atm), and also write on the site. 

4. And, yes another option currently on the table is streaming games or various albums with me and my co-host VX offering our insights and thoughts as we hear the music, play the game, etc etc. 

5. Pre-made basic written interview questions. Sometimes it is difficult for artists/people to commit to radio show interviews, or answer 20 written questions. Another option could be to list 10 basic/general questions that can be tailored for any music/film, and are available to answer and email back to myself to post on the site. Possibly another section added to the tabs at the top of the site with the heading 'pre made interviews qs to email back to AV', or something like that.

Atm folks, it is just all food for thought. 

I want to thank those who have stuck with my various shows, and I am grateful. However, it was time to continue forward and evolve. The response to the chat show has been incredible, and it is great to interact with people. There is more substance and purpose to it, and is much more enjoyable.

Many more updates and announcements coming soon, so be sure to check the site and my Twitter feed for the latest. Myself and Patrick shall be posting regular reviews, and I'm rather excited to start writing about some of the questionable movies I watch. 

If you are interested in joining myself on Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, or would like to start requesting film reviews, or have any suggestions, then feel free to email me at

Peace and talk to you all soon!

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Interview with Sunwalter done by Patrick posted on 12-30-17

Interview with Sunwalter done by Patrick

1.Hello please introduce yourself to the readers?

Greetings, Earthmen! We are Sunwalter crew, and we are here to bring sci-fi metal genre to the audience, to represent proudly the extraterrestrial Grey race and to serve as interactive mediums between the people of Earth and intelligent alien races.

2.I know you all are really into science fiction and aliens when did you become interested in science fiction?

Science fiction? In our case, there's no fiction. In August 2016, we found an extraterrestrial spherical artifact at a ranch in Texas. The sphere turned out to be a device used to communicate with the alien race of the Grey, and a translocator at the same time. In a couple of days they abducted us, but then returned. Since then, we are a link between the deepest space and the minds of Earthmen. In all our songs, there are encrypted messages for the people of Earth, transmitted to us by aliens from different parts of the Universe.

3.Who are some your favorite science fiction authors and books?

We truly respect many fiction authors, as well as existing and fantasy worlds in different universes. It's difficult to distinguish a certain person, but our songs have lots of references to the worlds of Isaac Asimov, Hans Giger, Paul Donovan, Harry Harrison, and many more.

4.Besides books what are some of your favorite science fiction movies and tv shows?

You will be surprised, but we find inspiration in those movies with original and sometimes weird plot. Take "Lexx", for example. The general idea is that our crew is as diverse, as the Lexx's one, including the spaceship itself. For example, our onboard computer HAL350 periodically generates social media content on its own.

5.We are big Star Wars fans here do you and the band like to watch these movies? Do you have a favorite movie from the series?

Like all creative people, each of us has their own tastes and opinions. However, the Star Wars series are not passionately loved by the whole crew. Some think that it's gone too pop, much-hyped and has awful sequels. We are more keen on some underground stuff, like "Pandorum", "Lexx", "Dune", etc. Nevertheless, the bassist likes the "Attack of the Clones" episode. But we don't blame him.

6. You all formed Sunwalter in 2008 what gave you the idea to start this band? How did you all come up with the name Sunwalter does it have a special meaning?

At the very beginning, we used to play some melodic black metal and experimented with other subgenre intermixtures. However, as far back as 2011, the extraterrestrial race of the Anunnaki came across the experimental release "Space Flight" and contacted us. After that, we released the "Nibiru" single dedicated to their home planet. Well, the rest of the story related to the artifact we've just told.
The name "Sunwalter" stands for a cosmic spirit that holds the balance of the Universe. It owes him its existence and growth.

7.What is the current line up of the band and who would you say are the bands biggest influences?

At the moment the crew consists of 5 creatures: Alexio, Olga Sol, St.Odium, Myutel and Miran. Like any crew of a spaceship, we all have our own tasks and responsibility area, apart from singing or playing our instruments. For example, during the tours our guitarist drives those primitive terrestrial self-moving 4-wheel means of transport. Here is little sense in listing all responsibilities of our crew members, let's just say that there are lots of them. The biggest influence on our creative activities comes from the Grey race and different ideas transmitted from the deep space, but never from other bands.

8.Alien Hazard is Sunwalter's second full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for this release?

The Anunnaki race specified the concept of this album in 2013, right after the release of the "Forbidden Sun" single. During the next year, we composed all materials and lyrics for "Alien Hazard", and in 2016 we encrypted extraterrestrial messages for Earthmen in every song.

9.Besides Alien Hazard does the band have any copies of the debut cd still available if yes where can the readers buy it?

Anything referred to as "merch" on your planet, including the debut "SETI Evidence" album, can be purchased via our official website:

10.Are their any tours or shows coming up in support of Alien Hazard if yes where will the band be playing?

We guess, you have somehow travelled back in time. Our presentation in Moscow and a European tour in support of "Alien Hazard" album successfully took place in September and October 2017. We made an intriguing presentation show in Moscow, and then visited some venues in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.

11.Besides playing in Sunwalter do any of the members currently play in any other bands or projects?

Yes, almost all members of our crew have side projects, but the agreement with the Grey race does not allow us speak of them in public. However, the people of Earth can use the global information network to find this info bypassing the restrictions of our patrons.

12.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

You, the people of Earth, inhabit a class 13 planet. Such planets destroy themselves through an internal military conflict or an ecologic disaster, but mostly — when their scientists try to determine the mass of Higgs boson. Until then, live and let others live. May the Universe be with you!

                                                               Band  Contacts

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Merry Christmas all! So, I've been working non stop all day to update the site before leaving for winter vacation. All recent and current radio shows episodes from Ancient Visionz and The Wastelands are available on the site, so if you would like to listen to some interviews, movie nerding, metal chat, and more, then feel free to download and listen to the podcasts. 

Just a reminder that The Wastelands is on hiatus and Ancient Visionz Talk Radio has become my primary show, which discusses metal, hc punk, movies, indie film, comics, and underground hip hop. I'm exploring the possibility of getting the show on YouTube, probably only in audio form, as it is all we can afford to do atm, but it is a start. My co-host VX is back presenting with me, and we are organising a monthly round robin table show to discuss the usual music and movie talk that we cover (metal, punk, underground hip hop, movie releases, comics, and indie film). 

Ancient Visionz Radio is rescheduling in mid January and site updates from myself resume in the New Yr. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yr! Enjoy a relaxing and fun time, and I'll see you all after vacation.  

Happy Christmas from Ancient Visionz!




I've tried avoiding major spoilers and mentioned enough to present the overall tone. Blade Of The Immortal is based on the Manga series by Hiroaki Samura. Director Takashi's Miike's live action version of Blade Of The Immortal is one of my favourite movie releases of 2017.

The costumes are fantastic and helped the film appear convincing, and spring to life before your eyes. I remember sitting in the cinema with my friend and saying to him;
'Probably a 20 min build up, then its all out man.'

Blade Of The Immortal must have heard me. No sooner had I said it, then we were taken straight into an action scene to open up the first act. The film flows perfectly, transitioning into plot points and story/character building before another action sequence takes place.

The cinematography is excellent, capturing the whole atmosphere and world of feudal Japan. The first scene is in black and white, serving as a flash back to the events that serve as the main arc with the protagonist Takuya Kimura. It works well and leaves the audience with no illusion that you are stepping into a very violent and brutal era of history.
The general plot revolves around Manji (Takuya Kimura) protecting Rin Asano (Hana Sugisaki) and helping her get revenge against Kagehisa Anotsu (Sota Fukushi) for killing her father, and attacking her family. He is a quite a solid villain, although not the most ruthless in appearance that I've seen with these movies. The character is excellently played and has interesting motivations and arcs behind his persona. He is the leader of the Ittō-Ryū clan who are wiping out rival dojos, so that they can become the dominant combat school and instruct the Shogun's troops. The Ittō-Ryū cares little for how they win, just as long as they win. An unconventional clan frowned upon by the more traditional and honourable dojos.  
The acting in with Blade Of The immortal is incredibly solid, but Rin Asano (Hana Sugisaki) may at times make your ears hurt with her shouting and crying. Its  only a minor issue and is bearable. The villains are quite comical in areas with one guy sporting an hilarious hair cut during the latter half of the movie. It reminded me of some of the Japanese wrestlers I've watched. There is one line of dialogue, which made me laugh out loud when the same guy said to an opponent that he could smell him and he reeked of poo! (words to that effect and I've put it politely lol).

Another great scene during Act 2 is when Manji and Rin are attacked by a female samurai named Makie Otono-Tachibana (Erika Toda). It starts with Manji and Rin walking through a village and passing a woman (Makie) dressed in a white robe playing a traditional guitar. The music matches the tension as it starts slow, then becoming a fast rhythm before she drops her robe and launchers herself at Manji. It is a great moment and choreographed scene. 

The final act serves up a delicacy of samurai carnage, which has you shouting 'whoa', 'oh', and 'man this is insane'. Kagehisa (antagonist) is confronted by the Shogun's forces and becomes aware that his clan were annihilated. Faced with the prospect of having to invent the feudal version of the bullet train to escape on the spot, a large battle ensues. Manji and Rin are caught in the middle, and remember the scene in 13 Assassins at the end? It isn't quite on that scale, but it is indeed, extremely large.

It is a brutal stand off and confrontation to close the final act. But, don't gasp to soon, another engagement takes place between Manji and Kagehisa just to make sure you have definitely received your money's worth.

Blade of the Immortal is easily one of the best movies of 2017, but I do feel it will be overlooked by casual film fans. No arrogance is meant or implied, but I feel it is a sad state of affairs when a movie theatre is packed for Daddy's Home 2 and Blade of the Immortal has the same attendance I've seen when I go to watch some of my hc punk bands. Pop corn filler movies can be fun, but as stated earlier, we need the alternative choice, or ideas/genres become stale. 

The positive though, Blade of the Immortal did get a Western release in movie theatres. Hopefully, it continues with future movies, so we can maintain a balance and wider choice. 

I score Blade of the Immortal 9/10. Only because Takashi's Miike's previous movie 13 Assassins is the better of the two films. Blade of the Immortal is a worthy addition, and I'll definitely buy it when it is released on DVD. Be on the look out for the Ancient Visionz Best of 2017 lists. Blade of the Immortal shall be featured.



I'm in a spot of nerd rage atm due to the wonderful magic of technical problems with DIY radio. Last Friday, I co-hosted a show with the director of Aria the Film, which featured our review/discussion of The Last Jedi. Other topics featured were: indie film, movies, writing, film making, Aria The Film, and sci-fi. Sadly I'm unable to retrieve the recording for the first few hrs of the show. It was an epic episode that ran across 4hrs, but all I have available are the last 30 mins.

It sucks, but unfortunately technical issues sometimes happen. We will be back with a future show and re-visit the review, if Cesar and my co-host would like to do so.


Aria The Film



On this episode myself and VX discussed and nerded on movies, comics, underground hip hop, and Planet X Records. I also shared my frustration and dismay with The Last Jedi, which did nothing for VX's already enthusiastic anticipation surrounding the film. 
Gaz Visionz:



Ancient Visionz Radio interview with Wreck-Defy-21-12-17

On this episode of Ancient Visionz Radio myself and co-host VX were joined by Matt from Wreck-Defy. Topics included: Wreck-Defy's album Fragments Of Anger, album artwork, live shows, touring, recording & writing, future Wreck-Defy releases, thrash, metal, sci-fi, movies, and more! 

Huge thanks to Matt and all who supported the show. 


Ancient Visonz Talk Radio FAQs



 The Wastelands Radio Archives (Metal/Punk)



 The Wastelands has been placed on hiatus, but here are 2 episodes from a few weeks ago. If you want to read why the show is on hiatus, then you can read more here and here. Thank you as always to PR companies, bands, and friends that support the shows.

Sometimes random editions may take place, but my primary radio show is Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is for on air interviews and discussions relating to metal, hc punk, underground hip hop, movies, comics, TV series, and more. Future promos are now to be considered for on air interviews and reviewed/promoted through the site.  

The Wastelands 14-12-17 Play List

Featured in this episode: Death Metal, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Doom, Sludge, & Traditional Heavy Metal. 


Torso Murder - Suspended In Mind (3:10)
        Nihil Eyes - Burn The Leech (2:12)
        Nihil Eyes - Treachery And Id (4:48)
        Engulf - Graviton (4:30)
        DeathcrusH - Incest Of The Wretched (5:03)
        Asphodelos - Carnage (3:41)
        Brute - Walls Of Purple Hue (5:10)
        Fleshkiller - Secret Chambers (4:54)
        Eternal Torment - Our Ignorance (5:04)
        Corrosive - My Eternal Hatred (4:36)
        In-Defilade - Fearing The Worst (3:17)
        Hellish God - Tagimron Is Summoned (4:02)
        Pile of Priests - Interglacial Departure (5:44)
        Incertain - Rats In Palaces (3:10)
        Kremlin - Flat Earth (3:40)
        Rites of Daath - Necromantic Rites of the Underground (5:50)
        Scaphism - Vaults of Pestilence (3:52)
        Extremity - Chalice of Pus (6:03)
        Incarnal - Under the Sign of Fire (3:30)
        Ominous Eclipse - Spiral Into Sanity (4:22)
        Soyuz Bear - Scrub (5:45)
        Pale Mare - DESCOLADA (5:47)
        King Goat - Feral King (7:24)
        Wolf Counsel - Semper Occultus (4:53)
        DEATHLESS LEGACY - Litch (5:16)
        Oracle - Behind Closed Eyes (3:44)
        Millennium - Lies All Lies (3:57)
        After Dusk - Mindinfestation (4:27)
        Emerald - Retronaut (3:42)
        Hell Fire - The Dealer (4:25)
        SnakeyeS - Rise Up (The Red Plague) (8:15)

The Wastelands 16-12-17 Play List

Featured in this episode: Thrash, Crossover, HC, HC Punk, Metallic HC, Death Metal, & Heavy HC.


         AUSTRAL - Mestizaje (3:38)
        Radiation - March Of The Blastwaves (3:43)
        Cain - The Necromancer (4:44)
        Corexit - Mankind (3:28)
        MENTAL SLAVERY - Hour Of Reckoning (3:00)
        Exist - On Your Own Accord (7:39)
        Necro-Toothless zombie (4:53)
        Witchery - Ragnarok (3:44)
        Pilsen Drinkers - Join The Brotherhood (4:37)
        Rebel Scum - The Scoundrel (2:16)
        Revenger - The Watcher (5:34)
        Game Over - My Private Nightmare (3:57)
        Hand of Fire - Reap What You Sow (4:03)
        Hellvetica - Pitmaster (4:40)
        hell bent - Desert Death Lord (2:41)
        Inquisitor - Northern Goliath / Death a Black Rose (5:17)
        EUPHORIA - The Andromeda Effect (5:25)
        Estertor -Abysswalker (3:19)
        X-method - Woke up in the living room (0:47)
        X-method - Marimacha (2:00)
             x-method out-of-control (2:13)
        CRUCIFYRE - War Chylde (3:41)
        Mausoleum Of Death - Death Incarnate (4:08)
        Mass Burial - Necromancer (4:27)
        Bruiser - Slammin' (0:59)
        Combust - Drowning (2:46)
        Division Of Mind - Derealize (2:29)
        PXR - Grateful (2:04)
        Damagers - Gimme Damage (1:38)
        Armament - Promised Peace (1:00)
             Slow Death - I'd Rather be the Hammer (0:59)
        BITTER YOUTH - A NEW LIGHT (1:35)
        RAGE - Control (1:38)
        Warehouse - Worth (1:54)
        Violent End - Your Crowd (1:34)
            Swing Low - Caged by Status (2:24)
        Swing Low - Back and to the Left (2:50)
        Condone - Blatant Outrage (3:18)
        Absolute Suffering - Unforgiven (3:28)
             Absolute Suffering - At All Costs (2:11)
        Rig Time! - Three Fools (2:16)
        Rig Time! - Restricted (1:06)
        Slowbleed - Wasted Time (4:09)
        Facing Worlds - Punishing My Soul (3:29)
              Glock - Grey (1:43)
        Leverage - Heat (1:47)

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I'm thinking of adding a monthly round table discussion show on Ancient Visionz radio, which would focus on the latest movie and TV releases, metal, hc punk, comics, and underground hip hop. It is another area outside of the regular interviews that people and guests have expressed an interest with.

I'll post more details after the holidays, but if interested please contact


I recently shared my feelings concerning The Wastelands radio show. At the end of the post I mentioned the show would run as a monthly podcast. Upon further reflection, I've decided to place the show on hiatus. If I feel the urge, then I may sometimes host random editions. The simple truth is I can no longer dj to no audience or the same 2-3 people. 2 episodes of The Wastelands from the 15th/16th December will be uploaded tomorrow.

Ancient Visionz Radio is now my sole radio show and continues to provide regular interviews from all scenes such as metal, hc punk, indie film, comics, underground hip hop, and much more. There are a plethora of guests to schedule in 2018, and my co host is also coming back to help present various episodes. 

Rotheads Interview done by Patrick posted up on 12-23-17

Interview with Rotheads, done by Patrick.

1. Hello. Please introduce yourself to the readers. How are things going in Romania these days?
Hey Patrick, hello readers! Thank you for having us! We are Rotheads, a bunch of Death Metal enthusiasts on an expedition to unlock the ancient knowledge of crafting gloomy obscure old school Death Metal. It’s getting colder and colder these days here in Romania which is OK for this time of the year and politicians are fucking up everything for everyone, but that’s their job I guess.

2. You all formed Rotheads in 2014. When did you all decide to form this band? And for the readers who have never heard Rotheads music before, how would you best describe it?

We decided to form the band right then, in December 2014. Spurcăciune and Bîrsatan were playing in an improvisational Doom, Stoner and jam Rock band called Keeng Ra’at with drummer David. Spurcăciune had always been into old school Death Metal and got David into it and out of excitement they started to jam some OSDM and after writing a few songs asked Bîrsatan to join. I’d describe Rotheads like a mix of everything from the early 90s and late 80s of Death Metal, a band experimenting with the old ways. At this point we’re more about the atmospheric, eerie side of Death Metal than playing aggressively, but we’re also fans of badass riffage.

3. Sewer Fiends is the band’s debut release, which will be released through Memento Mori in early 2018. How did you come in contact with this great label?

We actually recorded a demo title Unfazed by Death back in 2016 and in a true old fashioned way we sent Memento Mori our demo. They really liked what they heard and wrote back to us about releasing an album. Really exciting times! Also the demo has completely different songs from those on the album, so it’s sort of an official release by itself, but with the aesthetics of a demo as a tribute to all the great death metal that has been released as demos.

4. How long did it take the band to write the music for Sewer Fiends? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?

I can’t really say, we have had some lineup changes, some of the songs existed in one form or another even back in 2016 and we had a lot of songs and song parts written down, but we had to decide for which we had time to actually put into practice. Most of the songs until now have been written by Spurcăciune, but there are a couple of songs written by Omu’ Rău too. We also work together on the songs once they’re in a basic playable form, everyone bringing in his own style related to his instrument.

5. Besides the upcoming debut release, does the band have any other merchandise available or coming out soon? If yes, what is available and where can the readers buy it?

We have the demo from 2016, which was released as a CD-r, we’re planning on rereleasing it one way or another and we also have T-shirts and patches. You can find all of them at or even email us at and ask us anything about whatever, merch included.

6. Has Rotheads played live very often over the last few years? What have been some of the bands most memorable shows?

We haven’t toured yet, but we have played a bunch of shows from time to time. Mostly in 2017 since we had to work on a stable lineup. It was really cool playing with Sadistic Intent two shows, one with Master, another with Dead Congregation and a few gigs with local bands. We had fun at most of them, the guys from Sadistic Intent and Master were really nice and we enjoyed drinking a few beers with them. The smaller gigs were also exciting because of the more intimate surroundings.

7. Are there any shows or tours planned in 2018 in support of Sewer Fiends? If yes, where will the band be playing?

At the moment we haven’t planned much, we just have some ideas about what we would like to do and we are in the talks for some gigs. A show dedicated to the new album is going to happen on the 3rd of March in Bucharest with a few other bands though.

8. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground? What does underground Metal mean to you?

I think there are many levels of being underground, bands can be at different stages of their existence and still be underground. You could consider Pop music mainstream and everything else underground, or maybe your metalhead starter pack bands as mainstream and everything else underground, or more traditional forms of Metal as the status quo and underground as the proving ground for experimentation. Underground could also refer to some niche that only a few people would enjoy and that’s where we’re at. What’s great about the underground is experimentation, innovation and diversity I guess. The worst thing would probably be other people not getting you and you having a hard time explaining that what you’re doing is supposed to sound or look or feel that way, but you have to make a compromise because it’s the underground and it’s full of mismatched people and equipment and everybody’s helping out because of passion and most of the time losing more money than they would like to.

9. Besides playing in Rotheads, do you or any of the other members currently play in other bands?

Spurcăciune (guitars and vocals) and Potaie (drums) also play in Crust/Sludge band Void Forger. Like I’ve said before, Spurcăciune and Bîrsatan (bass) used to play in the improvisational Stoner Doom band Keeng Ra’at. Our former drummer David has a one man Christian Death Metal project called Against Darkness. We’re also working on some other side projects that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

10. Rotheads comes out of Romania's Metal scene. What are your thoughts of the Metal scene in Romania?

Romania’s Metal scene is kind of weird. It has this stuck in time and space vibe to it, sort of like Darwin’s Galápagos Islands or The Lost World movie. This is great in theory because you’d think that some sort of ancient evil Metal would live here undisturbed by modern influences, but the truth is that most Metal music sounds like it’s a counterfeit version of Metal music from different eras. You’ll get your old cheesy Heavy Metal with a Metalcore spin and Industrial Power Metal, very Eastern European sounding Gothic Metal and all these other weird hybrids that you can probably find everywhere, but you’ll never hear of them because there’s actually a thriving Metal scene to pay attention to. That’s not really the case here in Romania, but at least there have been some pretty cool underground Metal festivals these last years and maybe the local scene will get a hint. To whoever’s reading this, check out Old Grave Fest in Bucharest for a lot of underground goodies

11. Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Romania? Are there any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

We’re not that big into Romanian bands and most of them just come and go. You can probably see a few shows, they’ll maybe record a couple of songs and then just fade away. We’re always interested in what’s cooking in the underground and see what people are up to these days, who’s new in the scene, maybe someone that’s worth starting a side project, things like that. A few new band worth mentioning would be Cardinal, Slicer, VVVLV and Damage Case. We are though very excited about one of our friends taking on wrestling and building a villainous necro Metal persona in the form of Iorgu Aggressor.

12. When not working on new music or band business, what do you like to do in your free time?

In a way we’re still doing musical things even when it’s not related to the band because we just really like playing and listening to music, experimenting with different genres and concepts. But other than that we enjoy reading books, playing videogames and talking a lot of shit.

13. What would you say are the five best releases and the five worst releases of 2017?

I don’t know who would care about bad releases, you just listen a bit, not like it and move on, no use making a big deal about it. 2017 has had a lot of awesome music, especially Death Metal wise. We keep talking about Undergang, Blood Incantation, Mortiferum who released an impressive demo, Tomb Mold, Spectral Voice, Cryptic Brood and we could probably go on like that, we didn’t even mention things that are not Death Metal, you know.

14. Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks, Patrick, for writing these questions and thank you all for reading! Hope you found these words interesting and maybe got a bit curios about our music or some of the other bands and things we’ve mentioned! Cheers!

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