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Due to a rescheduling, this week's show was split up into two parts. Back next Saturday!
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Featured in this episode: Conscious Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Spiritual Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop, HC Hip Hop.

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 Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal.

        Caxton Press - Rally Up (4:07)
        The White Shadow Of Norway - The Paragraph Chemist (feat. Rakim) (3:18)
        Lee Reed & John P - Bazooka Too (3:01)
        Grand Surgeon feat Spoonie Gee - Yes Yes Yall (Cuts by LDonthecut) (prod by LG Roc) (2:40)
        Combat Wombat - alternative energy [ft. ozi batla] (5:06)
        Babylon Dead - Acab (2:27)
        Ill Bill - Chasing The Dragon (Moshpit Mix) (Feat. Necro) (4:16)
        Acero Moretti - continuare a crederci (2:24)
        True Masterz & Da Shogunz - Rap Buddhaz (4:40)
        House of Det - Everthing Burns (2:55)
        DR CREEP - Search And Destroy (Cuts by DJ Madhandz, Prod. by Blaq Masq) (2:41)
        Vents - The Punisher (3:23)
        Triple Darkness - Finger Jab (4:17)
        Sam Krats feat. Ruste Juxx - The Chosen (3:58)
        Alphabetik & MC Therapist ft. DJ Trickalome - Official Issue (Zero Dark Thirty) (3:08)
        Guerrilla Alliance - Treasures Of Darkness (3:59)
        Kool G Rap & Necro - Teflon Dons (2:35)
        Capital X - Legal Lynchings (14:57)
        Canibus - Black Lithium (3:44)
        DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) - Class war blues (2:30)
        Sinister Stricken - Dark Arts (5:24)
        Bliss n Eso - House Of Dreams (4:48)



Due to a rescheduling, this week's show was split up into two parts. Part two play list is coming up. Back next Saturday!

Every Saturday on Cranium Radio from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.

Featured in this episode: Death Metal, Thrash, NYHC, HC, Metallic HC, Slam, Brutal DM, Old School DM.

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 Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal.

    Abysmal Torment - Hang Them High (4:17)
    EMETH - The Hour of the Great Contempt (5:55)
    Infecting The Swarm - Aberrated Antibiosis (3:30)
    Splattered - Abnormal Necrosis (2:41)
    Sapremia - Spawn of Desolation (5:33)
    Down From The Wound - The Aftermath (4:15)
    Wormed - Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy (3:52)
    Casket Robbery - Lilith (3:00)
    Crocell - Trembling Realms (3:21)
    Funebrarum - Miasma Of Pestilence (8:11)
    Horde Casket - Uprising (3:39)
    Dictated - The Basher (4:26)
    Ekpyrosis - Immolate The Denied (5:19)
    Leverage - Suffocate (1:47)
    Exhumed - Unspeakable (3:47)
    All For Nothing - Far from Home (3:05)
    Kid Presentable - Sacred (2:35)
    Agnostic Front - No One Hears You (1:38)
    All Out War - Choking on Indiffirence (4:40)
    Rise of the Northstar - Welcame (Furyo State Of Mind) (4:19)


    Apologies for the short notice, but Cranium Radio are streaming a live festival this week from 4pm EST/9pm UK on Saturday, so my shows were reschedule. I haven't been able to post any information until yesterday and now as in the middle of finalising my dissertation for college.

    Anyway, today I'm on with a random underground hip hop edition, which warms ups the proceedings on Cranium Radio.  

    Featured: Boom Bap, HC Hip Hop, Real Hip Hop, Conscious Hip Hop, Spiritual Hip Hop. No trap or mainstream rap. Real Hip Hop only.  

    Live from 2-4pm EST (US), 7pm-9pm UK.

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     Info taken from source:

    My Core Elements (EP): 

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    For the lead single of “My Core Elements” I wanted to represent a Core Element of myself as a Philly MC, bars. Shot in the Northern limits of Downtown Center City Philadelphia, I don my Timbs and get busy over a rugged Has-Lo production and sharp cuts by DJ Ghetto. I present the official video for "48" shot, edited & directed by Planetary P. My debut EP "My Core Elements" is on the way. 

    Free Stream of "48" also available on Audiomack & Soundcloud Audiomack : 

    Soundcloud : 

    Produced by Has-Lo : @Has_Lo Cuts by DJ Ghetto : @KenKhaossDJGhetto Video by Planetary P : @PlanetaryP

    D Prime - 12 On The Dot (Prod. by Has-Lo) | Official Video (UNDERGROUND HIP HOP)

    Info From Source:

    My Core Elements (EP):

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    Watch my Music Videos: 

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    Visual for the intro of my debut EP "My Core Elements" which features production from Hezekiah, The Wurxs, Has-Lo & more. Along with features from Reef The Lost Cauze & Jordan Brown. For the intro to “My Core Elements” I wanted a fitting introduction of myself as an MC. Fly, substantive & concise. All while representing Philly, the home base. 

    "My Core Elements" available here: 




    How would you describe your music?

    I guess the basic description would be dark pop, but we leave it up to your interpretation!

    What gave you the idea for the EP/LP title?

    We wrote a song called Scary World for the LP, and then just decided to call the entire album Scary World because it really just made sense given the lyrical content and themes of all of the other tracks. It became apparent to us when we started writing this record that we both had a lot to say about anxiety.  We’ve both suffered from that condition and lyrics just started to seep out of us. The album sort of morphed into an opus about mental illness and coping with it. By the time we finished the LP, we ultimately realized that it’s about the scary world inside and outside of all of us.  It’s also a warning to those younger than us about the road ahead.

    Do you all work together on the writing process?

    Yes, everything is very 50/50 with us. It usually starts with a bottle of wine and a strong bassline written by either of us and we work from there. Both of us write music and both of us write lyrics.

    How much time to do you take record songs?

    Each song is different. Vocally the bulk of it is recorded in one night (again with a bottle of wine), and usually after Mark edits them I’ll go back in and re-record vocals that I don’t believe are strong enough, like if something is out of pitch, etc. I’m kind of an annoying perfectionist when it comes to my vocals and want everything to be exactly in pitch, and Mark is a bit more okay with imperfection if the vibe is there. The result is usually a happy medium.

    Does this release differ to past EP/LPS?

    I would say sonically it’s slightly similar to our last record- it’s still aggressive, catchy and very pop. But lyrically we pushed ourselves this time around, we really wanted to SAY something with this record. We’d like to think we succeeded in that.

    Do you like to change it up for each release with lyrical themes?

    Yeah, we delved a little more into our own heads this record. It’s way more inward and personal than our previous releases. There’s a lot of anger and sadness that we tapped into. I think people used to think we were a little more “fun” with our lyrical themes with songs like “Bad Girl” and “Strobe Light” (even though all of our songs came from dark thoughts and places), but this record is much more than that.

    Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from?

    Life. It’s the greatest source of inspiration you could ask for.

    What has been the most enjoyable thing you have done as a musician/singer?

    We opened up 2 arena shows for A Perfect Circle back in May, and it was both the scariest and most exhilarating experience you could ask for as a musician. You’re playing for thousands of people who don’t know who you are and you have to try and make them care about who you are and what you’re doing. It was incredibly fun and terrifying and we would love to do it again.

    We also just came off of a European tour supporting Combichrist where we played in so many cities we’ve never been to, and seeing people sing along to our songs was so rewarding.

    What do you feel is biggest challenge going forward with your career?

    To remain inspired and to continue to reinvent our sound so that it’s always moving forward.

    Ancient Visionz would like to say thank you to NIGHT CLUB for taking the time to answer the interview and provide an insight into their music and creative process.  


    Pre-order "Scary World" LP here: 

    Listen to "Your Addiction" here:


    Thursday, 16 August 2018


    Due to a rescheduling for this week's show, The Wastelands is now live on Cranium Radio. I'll be airing part 2 tomorrow. 

    Featured: random stuff from dm, brutal dm, slam, punk, hc, thrash, crust, dbeat, and more. 

    Live until 7.30pm EST (US), 12.30am UK




    Wednesday, 15 August 2018


    Here is another random review I decided to share.

    So, I started to listen to Eternal Rot's forthcoming CD 'Cadaverine' in the hopes of pooing my fine pants, and the opening song did indeed induce the required effects. Undying Desolation starts with a slow and menacing build up. It reminded me of my moods on a morning when I'm forced to crawl out of bed towards the bathroom. I hate mornings. The riffs and drums chime in a gradual sinister pace, and the vocals are guttural death growls that bellow from the depths. I'm not sure if music's slow pace will be for those outside the faster straight up death metal styles, but it does grab you and take you along Eternal Rot's musical journey.

    Patience and time have been taken in setting up the scene and allowing the sound to assault your senses. Whilst listening to the LP, I pictured myself pursued down a river by a beast called The Great Sweaty. He is an angry vile towering ogre with arm pits of doom and is surrounded by slimy goblins. Eternal Rot's music and songs embody that level of monstrous dirt and contain a vibe within them, which say this is no sugar coating. We are here to play vile sounds. 

    I'm also a huge hc/punk fan, so I really do appreciate hearing grime like this in my metal. Eternal Rot don't disappoint in this respect.

    In Their Decaying Eyes continues the the vibe with powerful titanic riffs and unpolluted bellowing vocals that growl and gargle at you. It is very much in the same vein as the previous track. Again, think of The Great Sweaty on his raft chasing you down the river and he's playing Eternal Rot and shouting at you for not listening to them. Yeah I'm a nerd, I've obviously read too much sci-fi and fantasy, but this is the real metal of the Orcs, not some harmonious type flute playing pointy hat dude skipping around singing like his butt is on fire. 

    Putrid Hallunication has another sinister build up with a slight mellower guitar tone, but it actually works and gives the song a post apoc feel in some regards. It does grow on the listener the more you listen to the song. This style of Death Doom isn't as simple as some people may surmise. If you can listen, really listen, the creativity they have invested shines due to the strong blending of guttural growling intertwined with giant riffs. 

    Slough of Despond is slowest track from the LP and my least favorite, but I can recognise what the band has tried to catch with their music.

    The only negatives I can say are that fans of clean vocaled doom may not appreciate, or like the guttural tones and very down tuned unwashed music. However, if you have an open mind, or enjoy a grain of grime within your music, then Eternal Rot are definitely a band to check out.

    Overall, a slimy and grimy addition to the death/doom world utilising assets from both scenes to present a horror fuelled soundtrack reminiscent of my own adventures in discovering the frightening experience of rising from the crypt on an early morning to get a wash. 

    Cadaverine is released through Godz Ov War Productions via CD on September, 17th. 

    Eternal Rot:

    Godz Ov War Productions:


    Sunday, 12 August 2018


    I wanted to take some time out to briefly chat about the new Batwoman series coming to The CW next year. Batman and the Batmanverse are my favorite comic book characters, and believe me, there aren't many I'm not a fan of. Batwoman is set to debut in this year's crossover event in the DC TV universe, and the full series is due to arrive on our screens in 2019. I've not read much Batwoman, I still have Nightwing to read, but the characters have appeared in recent crossovers with the Batman books. 

    Earlier this year I bought Batwoman, Vol 1: The Many Arms Of Death, and I was hyped to read it, but sadly the book was a mixed affair. It was co-written between two writers. In my experience, I find books that are co-written, whether comics or novels, tend to not reflect the same standard as the writers individual work. The artwork is fantastic and there are some great moments in the book, and the ending for volume one left it on a really super arc for volume two to follow up. However, I'm digressing, a few friends both on and offline have asked me who is Batwoman, what is she like, is she a good character?

    I'll try to provide a quick street gloss over from the very little I know myself, but Kate Kane in the comics was at West Point, and from what I remember (been a few months since I read the book), she was discharged for having a relationship with another woman during training. Batman saved Kate from some thugs in a street and decided to train her. Batwoman isn't afraid of using guns and is less disciplined than Batman at the moment. Please be aware, I've only read Batwoman Vol 1, The Many Arms Of Death.

    The actress Ruby Rose has been cast to play the role. She has appeared in recent movies such as Triple XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, and The Meg. She only played minor supporting roles in those movies, so I don't know a great deal about her acting pedigree, or have seen her in anything else. With that being said, I think she deserves to be given a chance, and for all we know, she could be an awesome Batwoman. I just hope the writers create a good story and a well grounded version of the character for the series.

    My concern is actually with the show airing on The CW. Batwoman is more of an a r-rated character. I personally wish the DC shows were on Netflix, or another network outside of The CW. CW shows usually start well with the first 1-2 seasons, then the quality vastly drops.


    Frayle are from Cleveland, US, and self-released their EP 'The White Witch' last month via digital distribution. I received a promotional copy for my radio show The Wastelands. The band has quite a different sound drawing inspiration from across a broad spectrum of sources, which makes them very interesting to listen to and explore. Seeing Red Records and Lay Bare Recordings are collaborating together to release the EP in physical format.  

    I feel The White Witch is a special EP, a finely crafted piece of music that shouldn't be overlooked and has a wide appeal outside the doom scene, hence why I'm writing about the band. Frayle caught my ear, and I've an open mind with music for most things, so I always try to describe what I'm hearing myself and how it effects my imagination. 

     Frayle, The White Worm EP (2018)
     1. Let The Darkness In (4.38)
    2. The White Witch (5.25)
    3. Wandering Star (3.58) (Portishead cover)
    4. Things That Make Us Bleed (5.34)   
    Whilst listening to The White Witch EP, a couple of things immediately grabbed my attention. The gentle alluring vocals and the rhythm of the guitars. The two complement each other and move along in time. The doom vibe is notable with the riffs on the introduction to the title track 'The White Witch', but to my ears the EP is something else, a different kind of music drawing inspiration and sounds from a wide ranging arc, which is why I think it makes the music special and hooks in the listener. 

    I'd also like to see the major film industry start to use bands such as Frayle on their soundtracks, especially as they carry an innate deep atmosphere in their music. Frayle would be a nice touch in a sci-fi movie or TV series, adding a solid musical score. Imagine a scene where a cyborg was assessing their feelings whilst a song from Frayle was playing.

    The White Witch contains a quality, which enables Frayle to hold the listener. It is the kind of music you could play whilst looking out across the ocean from a ship or clifftops, and many more scenarios. 

    Overall, there is something about The White Witch, hard to describe and put into words, but it is very interesting music, which was difficult to categorise, a good problem to have. I guess, think Massive Attack Mezzanine era, desert blues (the kind where you could visualise cowboys at night riding across a quiet desert), doom riffs, and Frayle have mixed it together with alternative metal/rock.

    I've played Frayle on The Wastelands Radio show, if you would like to request their music for future shows, please contact me, and I'll add them to my playlists.


    Seeing Red Records:

    Lay Bare Recordings:



    Featured in this episode: The Meg movie review, Death Metal, HC, NYHC, Metallic HC, HC Punk, Brutal DM, Thrash, Crust Punk, DBeat, Crossover, Doom, Sludge, HC, Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Death Grind, Old School DM, comedy, skits, and more!

    This week's movie review: The Meg, starring Jason Statham. 
    Every Saturday on Cranium Radio from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.

    Stream & Listening Link (only when show is live):
    Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal.

            Mutilated By Zombies - Sentry of Sleep (4:34)
            American War Machine - Prey Drive (2:32)
            Dying Fetus - Ideological Subjugation (5:19)
            Cruciamentum - Tongues Of Nightshade (5:29)
            Amplifighters - Clone Ranger (2:50)
            RÄIVÄ - Você não sabe (1:25)
            Waarfare -  I Am The Shadow (2:27)
            JÄVLA - Knuckle Drag (1:26)
            Nuclear Death Terror - The Suspension Of Disbelief (3:15)
            brottskod 11 - Förstör oss (2:09)
            Extreme Noise Terror - Chained & Crazed (1:48)
    Brainpan - Fuck Internet Culture (1:22)
            ELECTROZOMBIES - Smash Rip Destroy (2:38)
            Borgonaut - Borgonaut (5:02)
            Hazemaze - Wall of Confusion (6:27)
            Frayle - Things That Make Us Bleed (5:34)
            Brood of Hatred - Mist (3:32)
            Ominous Eclipse - Eye of The Raven (6:41)
            Bloodshot Dawn - Shackled (4:35)
            The Crown - Necrohammer (4:01)
            Madball - Rev Up (2:20)
            Backtrack - The Deep Is Calling (1:42)
            Clearview - Break the Trap (2:01)
            No-Confidence - Frog Soup (1:48)
            Wisdom in Chains - Duck Down Stay Down (2:37)
            Sarabante - Black Thorns (4:17)
       The Wanderer's Movie Reactions - The Meg (8:48)
            Dism - Dark Paradise (2:39)
            Bonëcrutch - Breeders of Killing Machine (0:55)
            Endorphins Lost - Bask in the spoils (2:59)
            Vile Gash - Nothing Left (1:06)
            Blind Justice - Closed Off (1:29)
            Jungle Rot - A Burning Cinder (4:09)
            Stampin' Ground - Mid-Death Crisis (3:44)
            Defiatory - Dogs Of War (4:19)
            Cultural Warfare - Politikill (4:59)
            Lifeless Dark - Radiation Sickness (2:43)
            Kaiser - High Octane Supersoul (5:26)
            Raging Speedhorn - High Whore (6:46)
            Guns Up! - Losing Sight (2:00)
            Starvation - Endless Fight (1:35)
            Naysayer - Face the Fantasy (2:11)
            7 H.Target - Meatball Machine Story (2:17)
            Prowl - Warfare's Pace (4:30)
            Broken Flesh - Demon Seed (3:41)
            Downpresser - Crying Shame (1:48)
    Merauder - Master Killer (3:23)
            Sick Of It All - Outgunned (2:07)