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Ancient Visionz Radio presents an on air interview with Matt James of Blacktop Mojo on Saturday, 3rd February. I'll be chatting to Matt about the new cover of the Aerosmith song 'Dream On', Wisconsin's Rock Fest, the album 'Burn The Ships', forth coming LPs, and what are some of his favorite movies. I first interviewed Matt in August, 2017, and I'm stoked to welcome him on the radio show with me. See you Saturday!

UK: 7pm-10pm.
US: 2pm-5pm EST, 1pm-4pm CST, 11am-2pm Pacific, 12pm-3pm Mountain. 
Europe: 8pm-11pm CET.

Listening Link (live only during scheduled shows).
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Ancient Visionz Interview with Matt James of Blacktop Mojo 1-8-17

There is no chat room for the show. Due to the tendency for people to behave disruptively in chat rooms, it is something we do not wish to explore with Ancient Visionz Talk Radio. This ensures a smooth interview, and allows integrity and respect for the artist.

Please note, I'm 100 % DIY, and am not in a studio, sometimes technical problems happen that cannot be avoided, which means cutting to a music break and restarting the call. Please be patient if there are technical errors.

The show is recorded and will be made available as a podcast

Press release courtesy of Tag Publicity

"Blacktop Mojo might just be the next big American rock band." - Classic Rock Magazine

Following the huge success of their second album 'Burn The Ships', which saw the single 'Where the Wind Blows' hit number 27 on the Billboard Rock Charts; Texan rockers Blacktop Mojo are releasing their cover of the Aerosmith classic 'Dream On' as an official single which will be released on March 13th.

The video of the cover went viral last year and has so far reached 2.9 Million views and counting.

To add to the excitement, Blacktop Mojo have just announced that they will be playing the Wisconsin festival ROCK FEST sharing the stage with some monsters of rock such as Disturbed, Incubus, Godsmack, Black Label Society to name only a few!

Blacktop Mojo consists of Matt James (Vocals), Nathan Gillis (Drums), Ryan Kiefer (Guitar), Matt Curtis -aka Catt (Bass) and Kenneth Irwin (Guitar).

Blacktop Mojo

Social Media: 

Purchase/Streaming Links:

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X-Method-Triangles & 6's (Official Video) (THRASH METAL)

Check out X-Method on Spotify Video produced by Adam J Bove A BOVEMUSIC production Gracias a todo mi gente lindo de Peru y Sur America, agradecemos su apoyo..


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DevilSpeak EP Launch News

Cape Town, South Africa's DevilSpeak are releasing their debut EP "See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil" on Sat 10 Feb 2018.

DevilSpeak are celebrating their EP launch with a global broadcast of a live performance, live streamed to their Facebook/YouTube pages, also on Sat 10 Feb 2018.
The stream will be coming direct from Milestone Studios (with an intimate audience of 20 in attendance) with Jethro Harris handling the live sound mix and 2C Productions handling the live video edit.

The live stream will kick off from around 5pm CAT / 3pm GMT / 10am EST / 9am CST on Sat 10 Feb 2018 and DevilSpeak will play a 30 min set which will cover the EP tracks as well as 2 extra tracks in "Violently Leading The Blind" and "Embrace Decay"

It's taken us over a year to get this all lined up, and we are excited to share this news with you all.

There is a Facebook event for the live stream which anyone can click going on, we plan to use this to communicate to the people interested in watching the stream and encourage people to join the event for that reason

Here is some press on the EP launch celebrations, followed by the lyrics for "Internal Shrapnel".  If you have any questions for us please shout.

Thank you for your time and support \m/


3. Internal Shrapnel
Bleeding rage infects the page with violent forms of discontent
While the masses dig the graves and keep the wake of the race at a quickening pace

There’s a hostile conspiracy, to kill the truth of anarchy
Awaiting the wake to commence the duel
Everyone in the net, wound around and bent, calling for a quicker descent
Creating the stage of this breaking age
This graveyard of wishes that all keeps us all twitching
Some despondent to what we know as life
Walk with the dead faced, our fists clenched and blood drenched

We all have demons in us, now the question they ask
Whose is the stronger?
Will we all rise out of this?
Because you know when the pressure is on
Whose will will last longer?

Their eyes shine with forbidden nature
As they march to the call of the anarchistic catalyst
Their focus is set on what's before, a convincing dissention, let loose the horde and..
Confirm the attack
Fuck the resistance we’re not falling back
It’s time for a new reign
Let’s take back the throne
Time for a new game
Let’s make up some new gods

We all have demons in us, now the question they ask
Whose is the stronger?
Will we all rise out of this?
Because you know when the pressure is on
Whose will will last longer?

Eyes now shine with infernal hatred, as they bleed to the call of the anarchistic catalyst
Their focus is set on what's before, convincing dissention, let loose the horde and...
Confirm the attack
Fuck your resistance we’re not falling back
Time for a new reign
Let’s take back the throne
Time for a new game
Let’s make up some new gods
Let’s make up some new gods

So I step into the shadows one last time
To ignite that spark, that illuminates my mind
And for that final moment, I’m truly clarified

Do what you’re assigned to do
Close your eyes and pray to that god, the one that you fear is dead
As we become asymptomatic, all provocation becomes addiction
Affliction, intentional
You focus on the dead all day, you've forgotten how to live that’s why you don’t give a fuck!

Focus on your final breath, discern the time it’s gonna take to spit out your last words
It’s time for a new reign
It’s time for a new game
Let’s make up some new gods

We all have demons in us, but the question that stands, whose is the strongest
Now we all rise out of this
Because you know when the pressure is on, whose will will last longer?

Yours in Metal,


Ancient Visionz Radio returns this coming Friday with Derrick from the South African death thrash band DevilSpeak. The press release above details what we shall be discussing, but other areas include the South African metal and underground music scenes, DevilSpeak's music, metal, and movies. 

Ancient Visionz

Listen & join us live on 2/2/18:

UK: 7pm
South Africa: 9pm
Europe: 8pm CET
US: 2pm EST

Ancient Visionz Radio FAQS

There is no chat room for the show. Due to the tendency for people to behave disruptively in chat rooms, it is something that we do not wish to explore with Ancient Visionz Talk Radio. This ensures a smooth interview, and allows integrity and respect for the artist.

Please note, I'm 100 % DIY, and am not in a studio, sometimes technical problems happen that can not be avoided, which means cutting to a music break and restarting the call. Please be patient if there are technical errors.

The show is recorded and will be made available as a podcast


Konvent are a Death Doom band from Copenhagen, Denmark, and play an undiluted dark heavy sound. Konvent's sound features small parts of murky sludge thrown in with the combination of down tempo death metal with doomed riffs.

What I liked about the demo was the way they hooked you in with haunting guitars and strong deep growls that made me picture something crawling along the floor in a scene reminiscent of something I'd see on the Ash vs Evil Dead TV series. The music interchanges well and is played to a professional standard with each member remaining in time. The vocals are also strong both with lead and backing, flowing with the overall sound.

The second track, Squares, really picked it up and has a thunderous opening, which is a worthy rise from the sofa anthem. Squares is followed by the 3rd song 'Tracks', which could be the opening to a Mad Max/Fallout game or movie. Imagine someone stepping forth from a cave and staring ahead at the barren and desolate landscape before them.

I'm not sure I could listen to a full LP of this style of Death Doom, I'd need some fast tracks here and there, or a few mid paced songs, so as always it comes down to personal taste, but as a 4 track EP I think Konvent's 2017 release is excellent. My least favorite song from the demo was No End, which I couldn't really feel, but Konvent's 2017 demo has notable grit within the music.

There remains no official rating system in place, but safe to say, Konvent will make you mosh, which is what we want with any music.



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Interview with Keith editor of Direnotes web-zine done by Patrick posted on 1-28-18

Interview  with  Keith  editor of  Direnotes  web-zine  done  by  Patrick

 1.Hello Keith how are things in Canada these days? Please introduce
yourself to the readers?

Canada is cold, expectedly. There are a good deal of political things
going on as well, but I'm not one to get involved with that sort of
thing. To put it plainly, I'm the creator and founder of Direnotes, a
little metal blog I've been working on for the good part of 4 years.
It was the product of me writing for a multitude of good (probably
better, to be honest) online zine's and me wanting to do my own thing.

2.When did you first start listening to metal music?And who were the
first bands you listened to and who are some of your current favorite

My love of metal was more or less just a evolution of my love for
rock. I lived in the country and my Dad would spend days on end
driving around to peoples houses and talking to them because he
couldn't stand staying in the house too long. Some of the people were
probably not the kind that a kid should be around, once my Dad even
went to a bar with us, but after a few scoldings from my mother he
would leave me and my brother in the car while he went into places.
So, for a good few hours daily, we listened to rock stations. I
remember being a huge fan of AC/DC, Boston, and Flash and the Pan.
Eventually I'd meet a couple of like minded kids in grade school who
had a few CDs, back when CDs and CD players were not very common, and
they happened to big fans of Black Sabbath and Ozzy's solo work.From
there I picked up The Ozzman Cometh compelation and that's where I
even discovered 'metal' was a thing, I didn't even know the name of
the genre before that. When it comes to more extreme genres - I used
to go online a lot as a teenager, back when the net was still a more
social place rather then full of dramatics, and a friend of mine from
Germany saw what I liked, then started giving me links to music videos
from extreme metal bands.
When it comes to bands I listen to and will always listen to, you got
Celtic Frost (the first two albums, at least), this japanese band
called Dir En Grey (which is a highly experiemental band that went
from rock to metal to hardcore to doom to everything inbetween),
anything Devin Townsend has been part of, and definately Ihsahn's solo

3.When did you first get the idea to start a web-zine?And how did you
decide on the name Direnotes as the name of the web-zine?

I was writing for a few other magazines and I kept making some bad
decisions on my part, asking for physical copies instead of just
having digital, making plans to go to shows before I knew if I could
go, and generally taking on way more then I could handle. I remember
just spending time on my birthday and having one of the magazines
(it's not around anymore but I won't mention the name still) owners
message me and be like, whatever it's done. And I just wondered, how
much have I screwed up to make someone that pissed at me? But I did
catch on pretty soon that it was my own fault. I figured I'd start
Direnotes because at least if I screwed up there, I wouldn't damage
things for another magazine because I was being an idiot and not
I got the word 'Dire' from a model kit I saw at a comic store when I
was kid, I can't remember if it was something from D&D or what, but it
was called a 'Dire Dragon'. It was basically a undead dragon, made of
bones and that. Then I thought 'Notes' could cover both musical notes
and the fact that I was literally making notes about music on my blog.

4.If any bands or labels are reading this what styles of metal and
music do you cover and support?And where can bands and labels send you
material to be reviewed?

While my site definately shows that I support a whole lot of death and
black metal, I really am open to just about any genre on the side of
rock and metal, including punk. Though I guess if you were to send me
pop, it'd be pretty out of place. I have a e-mail that I use: - it's not the most proffesional, but I
started off using it and it's worked for me for a while.

5.What do you feel is the easiest and hardest part about doing the web-zine?

I'm not too sure there is a 'easiest' part, because I feel like if I
was to get so cocky as to think it was all easy - I'd probably end up
screwing something up somewhere, and I do that enough already. I
remember getting a e-mail for my Owl Maker review that I'd
accidentally mentioned Owl City, and I'd accidentally mistitled a
review a few times as well.
The hardest part, for me, is interviews. I like the results, but I'm
not too good at writing them. Mostly because I really hate asking
typical questions. So I end up spending hours coming up with them, or
just looking up odd ball questions in the past and doing my own thing
with them. I've tried cracking jokes, messed that up (see Necrosexual
interview),  but my most collosal mistake was asking, live in person,
Alex of Atrocity and Leaves Eyes, about his old band and mixing the
name up with Impeity. He was really humble about it though, but I tend
to be a bit hard on myself about these things. The interview was not
released however, as I was doing it with another magazine and there
were some issues that arose.

6.I believe you have some new writers for the site when did you meet
them?And what forms of music do they cover?

I've always had people helping me out, my wife, Sam, and her sister
Nikki are up there. People seem to think we're all married to each
other because we are so close and I'm always hanging around her
sister. Sam has helped me manage the site and get the old and new
domains up and going, she lives in NM so yeah, that's why the site is
'Canadian-American' and Nikki has always helped get me the things I
need to keep things going. That and she tolerates a whole lot of me
blabbing on about metal and guitars. Sam has wrote for the blog
before, but this year the pair of them are looking to do more so we
can get the site functioning more like a zine and less like a random
blog I made one day. They are more prone to covering the less extreme
stuff, they like what they like and I respect that. Plus it lends to
more variety.
My niece is coming on to help with some live coverage when I can't get
to a show and, awesomely, I've had a writer named Edward contact me
recently and that was just a really pleasant surprise in general. He's
into the atmospheric black metal stuff, which is great.

7.Keith you live in the great metal country of Canada what is your
opinion of Canada's metal scene over the years?

Well the Metal underground in Canada was always there, I just never
really knew it was until I looked for it. My ex-father-in-law was
massively into metal but he didn't want anyone to be so into it as
him, or like anything outside of his own thing. My Mom hated it.
Neither of them thought that the music could be live any other place
outside of a big concert, so I never knew there was little shows.
Finally, I started to look into it once I discovered underground music
labels existed, and I remember going to see The Agonist live back when
Alissa White-Gluz (Now the lead singer of Arch Enemy) was in the band
still. It was in a little bar no bigger then a apartment, I was pretty
much scared to death and alone. I remember the band Like Pacific
played and they called me out as 'a milhouse', not a whole lot of
people seemed to like them because they were real a-holes to the
audience. But, through that, I discovered the band My Hollow. And,
because of them I went on to find a load of other bands and that which
I've never heard of. I actually discovered a lot of stuff by going to
live shows. I didn't even hear about Cryptopsy until I saw them live,
and I found out about Crust, Grind, and everything through actual
As time went on, I discovered SCENE Fest in St. Catherines, Heavy MTL
in Quebec, Toronto Metal Fest, etc. The Canadian metal scene is
definately thriving and full of great bands, all who seem to always
have developed some sort've interconnectivity with each other over the
years. Chances are when you go to one show, you'll see a lot of the
same people in another somewhere across the province. So I'd say there
is a commited audience as well. Big issue is that a lot of these bands
try to branch out to the states, but the border rarely lets them
cross. I've seen a number of bands start to gain traction, only to try
and cross the border and have the entire band falter because they
missed a half-dozen shows due to the border patrol. It's a huge

8.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Canada?And are
their any new bands you could recommend to the readers?

I'd say Olde, My Hollow, Skullfist, and, well, I've come across so
many I wouldn't know what to suggest. Some don't even have recorded
music or broke up after one or two shows. It's the 'razors edge' I
guess you could say, with underground music. If you really want to see
the spectrum of Canadian metal and what the country is capable of, I'd
suggest bands like Cryptopsy, The Agonist (old and new), Unleash the
Archers, Voivod, 3 Inches of Blood, Gorguts, and anything to do with
Devin Townsend (I'm sure anyone reading this has heard of him or one
of his projects).

9.Do you get to see a lot of concerts in your area if yes what have
been some of the most memorable shows you have seen?And who are some
of the best bands you have seen live?

A lot of shows play in the Hamilton, Kawartha Lakes, and Niagara areas
so I have been to quite a bit. Especailly since they tend to be
inexpensive and close to places where people can actually walk to.
Though I have been to a few shows in the states, all of those were
memorable in a way or two.
My first show, as I mentioned in a earlier question, was The Agonist,
My Hollow, Like Pacific, and We Were Sharks. All these bands played
good, but My Hollow left a massive impression on me. They never had that many songs, I have their EP, but they did know how to master what
they had and keep people engaged. Even I, a self-admitted
stand-with-arms-crossed kind've guy, got into it. Even when I saw them
years later during Toronto Metal Fest in 2013. The Agonist as well
left a lasting impression on me, its sad their third album wasn't so
great, and that Alissa White-Gluz left for better. Their new singer
holds up though, from what I've seen.

Cryptopsy was also a big one for me, the, no-doubt, loudest show I've
ever heard. I couldn't even comprehend the sounds these guys were
making live. Hilariously, at the time, I had no idea they were famous.
I thought they were just some local band, and I remember them telling
everyone to come have a drink with them. I asked Matt McGachy if I
bought a record if the band would sign it. So I have a copy of the
self-titled CD where the whole band signed it - including their
drummer, who is apparently one of the best in music today, from what
I'm told. The other bands playing at that time were weird at best. The
first Crust band I expereinced was there, they told everyone they
hated everyone, and there was way too many deathcore acts going on. I
actually still have the poster from this night after all these years.

10.When not working on new reviews or interviews what do you enjoy
doing in your free time?

I play guitar and I write music, while not listening to records.
Besides that I watch a whole lot of older scifi, and I'm big into Star
Trek and Godzilla movies. I'm getting up there in years so I'm
learning to take things easy and lot over-stress myself. Simple life
is the good life, I guess.

11.Besides metal music do you listen to any other genres of music? If
yes what styles do you listen to and who are some of your favorite

I am a huge fan of prog rock and classic rock. I love Pink Floyd, but
I actually really like Roger Waters and David Gilmours solo work.
Radio KAOS has got to be one of the best records I've ever experienced
and On an Island is a great piece for relaxation.

12.Thank you Keith for taking the time to fill this interview out do
you have any final comments for the readers?

Yeah, if you run a webzine or whatever. Remember to keep trying to
improve yourself, keep consistant, be patient, and keep out of  
dramatics. As someone who has made a lot of mistakes over the years, I
find that what matters is your commitment and passion. Don't expect
free stuff, but do expect to be part of a awesome community that
appreciates real effort and to communicate ideas.


Full info posted about each guest near the time of each scheduled show, but so far, the February schedule for Ancient Visionz Radio is the following:

Friday, 2nd Feb, Devilspeak (death thrash).

Tuesday, 13th Feb, Haniwa (thrash). 
Friday, 9th Feb, Black Anemone (celtic/folk punk).


I maybe launching a YouTube channel to support the site, which would serve as an extension for everything I do. I'll post more info and details in the coming weeks, but only if I decide to create the channel. If you follow the site and shows, its obvious what I'd be presenting and sharing. 


I'm currently arranging and scheduling Ancient Visionz Radio interviews for February and March. The slots go very fast, and operate on a first come, first served. Details of Feb's guests are coming up along with news about a possible Ancient Visionz YouTube channel. 

Ancient Visionz Radio is open to metal, punk, underground hip hop, indie film, comics, and more. Full details about the show can be read in the FAQ page:

Ancient Visionz Talk Radio FAQS

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Interview with Tralineate done by Patrick posted on 1-27-18

1,Hello how  are  things going  with you  these  days?Please introduce  yourself  to  the readers?

Hey, things are going good thanks. Yeah, my name is Chris Sanders. I am the sole member of Tralineate and I'm just a dude that loves metal.

2.When did you first become interested  in playing the  guitars and  are you  self taught or did you take  lessons when first  starting out?

I first picked up guitar when I was around 17 or so but never really got all that serious about it until a couple years ago. I'm self taught, I picked up the things I know just by messing around trying to learn songs that I like. The idea of lessons and possible homework never appealed to me though. However these days, I really wish that I would've. There's still a lot that I could learn. Thankfully, YouTube exists! Lol.

3.Who would you say  are some of your  influences  and favorite  guitarists?

Fleshgod, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Disincarnate, Lamb of God, Danzig, stuff like that, the list could go on for a while. Lol. James Murphy, Dimebag, and John Christ were probably the biggest influences on me wanting to play guitar though. Those guys are all kings. Joe Haley, Mark Morton, and Willie Adler all write some great stuff as well. 

4.You  also  handle  the vocals for the band when did you first  start singing and growling?Do you  do  anything special to  keep your  voice and throat healthy?

I started doing vocals as kind of a fluke. Tried out for my first band back in like 93 and the growl just kinda came naturally. I've never worked on it or done anything special. I've actually probably done all the wrong things as far as that's concerned. Lol. Smoked cigarettes for years and I still drink pop like it's going out of style and it's been almost 10 years since I've done vocals on a semi regular basis. It's weird. When it's time to do it, I just do it. 

5.When  did you  first  get the idea  to  start  Tralineate?And who  would you  say  are  Tralineate biggest  influences?

The idea for another solo project had been in my head for a while but the idea as it exists right now only came to reality a little over a year ago. Really the same influences as I mentioned before but also my life. I try and reflect what I feel or what I'm going through within my songs.

6.How long did  it take you to  write  the music on the debut release Ike Antz Leap?

Well, five of the songs were from a previous project that just needed reworked and polished up. And then some of the rest had been written in pieces over the course of the last few years and a couple of them were written late last summer. Some of them, like the title track for instance, came together really quickly like in a single shot and others required a bit more work.

7.Where can the readers  buy your debut  release?Besides the debut release  do you  have any other  merchandise available for the readers to  buy?

Right now, it's only available in digital format on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon and it's available for streaming on Spotify. Hopefully I will have hard copy CDs very soon. I've also got plans for T-shirts in the near future. 

8.Chris  you are the  sole member ofTralineate do you prefer to  work  alone or would you  like to find new musicians  to make a full line up?

I like working alone mostly. I do miss working with other band members but the current situation fits my life pretty good and that'll probably be that way for a while. I will probably recruit some friends to help me play some shows though.


9.Besides  metal  do you  listen to  any other forms of underground music?If yes what are your  favorite  genres  and who are some of your favorite  bands and  artists?
Not too much, but I do like something different every now and then. Woodkid is pretty cool. His song Iron has one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. And some good flamenco always hits the spot. Strunz and Farah are amazing. Oh, and Igorrr. That might be kinda metal, but it's so weird and awesome. I love that stuff. 
10.Besides  working in  Tralineate  do you currenlty  work with any other  projects or  bands?If yes please tell the readers a little  about them?
Nope, nothing else right now. I don't have the time. My work schedule doesn't really let me have a social life. Lol. 
11.I know  you  have  been a  part of the underground  scene  since the mid 90's  how do you  feel the underground scene  has  changed over the years?
I don't know. I suppose it's changed a little bit. Here where I live, there's always somebody doing something. There's not as many local shows like there used to be but there are still shows. There's no shortage of new bands and there's still always pretty good crowds at the big shows that come through. It's definitely easier to share the music these days which is cool. 
12.When you  need to take a  break from writing music or  band business  what  do you  enjoy doing in your  free time?
Fishing, woodworking, and hanging out with my family mainly. Sometimes just sitting around watching TV with the family is what I need to get centered. 
13.Thank you  Chris  for taking the time to fill this  interview out  do you have  any final  words for the  readers?
Yeah, no problem. And thank you for reaching out, I appreciate the opportunity! I hope everybody will take a second and go check out the album and hopefully I'll catch you all again soon! Stay metal!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Malformity were a pleasant surprise, I was in a Sunday bored mood trying to find something that would hold my ears. Upon hearing Malformity's EP, I managed to drag myself out of slumber and my ears perked up. High quality mosh time. The EP isn't the most out of the box release ever, but I like it. The music is put together well enough and has a direct and in your face approach with a furious opening of mosh.

The two tracks are played to a fast, pummelling volley, which should be played loud in a mosh space if you can find one, or just run around the backyard growling at the fence or something. The only aspects I didn't like with the EP are the mellow chorus parts on the first track, but a small bug bear, and no major gripe.

I guess people who maybe want a mixed EP with a range of musical approaches may not enjoy it, or those who can't handle a non-stop mosh fest probably won't like the EP. With that being said, music is a mood vibe, and this is perfect for moshing to, releasing frustration on a bad day, running around in a circle pit, skating, or if you enjoy the mosh, turn it up loud and growl along.

Malformity are a band I'd have definitely featured on my former Wastelands radio show, very mosh worthy.


Raaaaa! Its another nice raw musical assault, this time its Galvanizer's turn to step up and induce a hyper excited outburst. Galvanizer are a death grind band from Finland and embody all the classic traits of no frills death metal mixed with grinding riffs. The opening track clearly states this an album for those that like a nice smelly sweaty album, which has been designed for mosh, and mosh alone.

Is it fit for purpose? Yeah Spartacus would be galvanised to mosh to Galvanizer for sure. Ya know, I'm a silly idiot that always becomes very, very stoked when I hear something, which is fast, raw, and very mosh focused. Yup, I'm there again. At the moment I want to go skate down a big air whilst I say aloud;

I can hear bits of an Autopsy vibe, but the album is mainly hyper paced old school dm fused with death grind, and its awesome. Simply put folks, if you are fan of fast stripped down relentless pummelling mosh, then you know what you are getting. For those that aren't, then this probably isn't an album for your ears.

Ok, X-Games starts this week, I think I have my ideal soundtrack.  

Sanguine Vigil is released on February, 26th, on Everlasting Spew Records.




Oh yes, more hc punk for me to share! Raaa! Ok this one is strictly for fans of all things hc and punk. I played bands like Vile Spirit so many times on The Wastelands Radio. Raw, harsh, uncompromising, and sonic noise assaults of punk destruction. Vile Spirit also have a bit of d-beat vibe about them, but man they got my blood pumping, and I just wanted to run around in circles shouting raaaa!

The demo is just what I've pretty much said, raw fast noise. If you aren't a fan of punk/hc, grindcore, raw d-beat, then you will probably hate this, but if you can feel the energy, feel the rawness, the vibe, and referring to the band's name, if you can hear the Vile Spirit, i.e. an unpolluted and unpolished sound that demands you run around in circles whilst they jam, then you will be like me, and saying out loud;
'ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh, radness.' 

Yes folks, you really can't tell I'm big into hc punk can you (giggles). 

Final thoughts, Vile Spirit may not play anything you haven't heard before in hc punk, but its a faithful raw sound that shouldn't disappoint, if you like this kind of music (which I do), but for everyone else aside from grinders, it maybe to raw and harsh, which gives me a reason to play this for friends even louder and say;
'Listen!, that's what you get for making me listen to clean understandable music. 

Haha, ra ra, go check them out!



Panic Room are another rad hc band that I came across on Bandcamp a few weeks ago. They are a band I'd have happily featured on my former Wastelands radio show. 

The opening track Parasite is really an introduction to the demo and is warming people up to get ready. Imagine you are all starting to take up positions in the pit, organise the manner in which the circle running shall commence, and so forth. When the next track Torment chimes in, then its time to begin the order of the mosh. There is a nice in time tempo with the track, which immediately says start pitting and running around. You know what you are hearing, classic metallic hc with angry vocals, riffs, drums, and a tight knit sound to help you let loose!

The final track from the demo is Quarantine, and depending on how bad you currently smell due to moshing excessively, you may indeed need separating from others whilst you take a shower. It is an outro track, which didn't really do anything. I haven't heard the full follow up LP, which was released in 2017, and bear in mind this a demo from 2016. For people that love hardcore such as myself, then Panic Room are another band worth supporting.

The second track Torment, is the one that sells the demo. The first and last tracks are really just intros and outros, but Panic Room are a solid metallic hc outfit, and I would imagine the 2017 LP was a quality album.

Anyway, go check out Panic Room at the following links: