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Ancient Visionz Radio presents an interview with KILLCODE'S frontman Tom Morrissey this Sunday. I'll be chatting to Tom about the latest album 'THE ANSWER', writing and recording music, touring, inspirations, and also asking him what are some of his favorite movies. 

KILLCODE play a rad mix of southern rock fused with heavy metal, and if you enjoy any kind of rock and metal, then be sure to check out the show this Sunday. 


US: 3-5pm EST, 2-4pm CST, 12pm-2pm Pacific, 1pm-3pm Mountain.

UK: 8pm-10pm UK.

Europe: 9pm-11pm CET.

Listening Link (live only during scheduled):

Press Release Courtesy Of Tag Publicity

The five piece New York rockers are back with their latest album, THE ANSWER! After pretty much back to back touring last year, the band found time to get into the studio and bring us the latest in a string of what have been hugely successful records.

KILLCODE combine southern infused Rock / Metal with their modern day vocals to create a unique style that boasts hooky super charged anthems, huge guitars and driving rhythms that sends your adrenaline pumping the second you hear them!Feb 20th sees the release of the bands newest album, The Answer! "The Answer to what?" you may ask, well you must listen to find out which deep hiden question is burning within you that this album can shed some light on!

Killcode consists of Tom Morrissey (Lead Vocals), Chas (Guitar / vox), D.C Gonzales (Guitar), Erric Bonesmith(Bass/vox), and Rob Noxious (Drums).

"We really enjoyed recording The Answer with producer Joey Z (Guitarist for Life of Agony) and feel it's our strongerst record to date! It continues to deliver on our promise to bring you hard, melodic rock that is undeniably catchy, while still bringing the riffs and guitar work that we feel has been missing in todays modern world." - Tom Morrissey

KILLCODE are also giving away a free download of their track Own It Now.  Own It Now is a song off the upcoming album The Answer which was produced by Joey Z (Life Of Agony. The song also features Chris Wyse (Ace Frehley band, OWL, The Cult) on upright electric bass.


Ancient Visionz Radio is joined this Friday by guests Casket Robbery to chat about their music, metal, writing and recording, touring, movies, and more! Personally, I'm pretty stoked and amped for this show, I'd featured Casket Robbery many times on my former radio show The Wastelands.

Join us from: 

US: 4pm CST (US)/5pm EST/2pm Pacific/1pm Mountain (US).

UK: 10pm UK.

Europe: 11pm CET.

Listening link (only live during scheduled shows)


Casket Robbery Store:




Ancient Visionz Radio Episode 24-2-18 with guests is Jeff and Tony from American Wrecking Company. We had great fun and chatted about the latest happenings with the band, touring, the forthcoming new album, current album 'Everything and Nothing', metal, sci-fi, TV series, and movies.


 American Wrecking Company



Due to recent questions asked about the blog and Ancient Visionz Radio, I decided to add another FAQ page called Ancient Visionz General FAQS, which is now available on the front of the site.

Ancient Visionz General FAQS:

The information below is taken from the new general FAQ page.

Is Ancient Visionz just a metal site?
NO. Ancient Visionz is also open to punk/hc, comics, sci-fi, movies, underground hip hop, and other music. The 'Ancient Visionz Radio FAQ Page' and 'About Ancient Visionz' also expand this further into other genres such as blues, indie film, jazz, singer/songwriters and more.

Are Only Metal Artists Featured On The Radio Show?
NO. I reach out to many different genres and artists, but I'm constantly trying to diversify the show, but can only go with who is available at a given time. If you browse the archives you will find guests from both underground hip hop, comics, and indie film. I'll interview any form of independent music regardless of my own tastes and that also applies to metal, punk, and underground hip hop.

What do you feature/interview/review/promote?
I've listed most of the genres below, and also included is a sub title called 'Other Music', which is for singer/songwriters, folk singers, jazz, and more.

Metal: Death Metal, Brutal DM, Slam, Death Grind, Old School DM, Thrash, Doom, Desert Rock, Sludge, Stoner Rock, Metal, Modern Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal, Underground Hard Rock.

Punk/HC: HC, HC Punk, Crust, D-Beat, Grindcore, Celtic Punk, Ska Punk, Straight Edge HC, Crust Grind, Metallic Crust, Fastcore/PV, Anarcho Punk, Beatdown, Metallic HC, NYHC, Stench, Crossover, Horror Punk, Underground Punk Rock.

Underground Hip Hop: Conscious Hip Hop, Real Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop, HC Hip Hop, Boom Bap. 

Blues & Dark Country: Underground Blues, Blues Rock, Blues Metal, Dark Country. Stuff that's got soul, good acoustic strings, guitars, and rawness/grit in the vocals. 
Other music: Singers/Songwriters, Reggae, Jazz, anything indie is considered regardless of personal preference. We are open to other music and aren't just about one genre.
Movies: Major and indie releases.  
Comics: DC, Marvel, Image, etc.
If I think something can flow on the site, then I'm open to it. I'm always interested in new music and new underground music genres, or styles I haven't heard before. So please ask if you unsure whether you're music can be featured.

Why so many written metal interviews?  
Pat from Winter Torment and multiple zines mainly posts the written interviews. He is a metal guy, and is the only person who has ever stepped up to help with the site.

Why doesn't Gaz post as many written interviews/reviews?
I struggle to update the site with my own content outside of Ancient Visionz Radio due to my studies for University. I'm a post grad student and have an insane work load. When able, I do write, but I'm just one guy and it is very difficult to cover all genres, all promos, and feature everything from metal, blues, hip hop, movies, comics, and more. This is why I prefer to do interviews/reviews on Ancient Visionz Radio, which makes it easier for myself and the artist. 

Why aren't there many movie and comic reviews?
See the previous question.

Why don't you ask for help? 
I have, but people are unreliable.

Why don't you have an official .com site? 
I cannot afford one, everything on Ancient Visionz is done 100% DIY and for the sheer passion, and I rely on relationships I build with others.

Why don't you host your own festivals, live shows, sponsor tours/albums?
I'm DIY and have a very limited budget.

What music do you like?
The list would be endless, but my main favorites are obviously metal, hc punk, and underground hip hop. I do enjoy and like others forms of music, which I also try to promote, but it is very difficult due to the explained time constraints. However, Ancient Visionz Radio is open to all forms of independent music for interviews and promotion via the blog.

Sunday, 25 February 2018


The Ancient Visionz Radio schedule has been updated with a new roster of guests. There are more guests to add, so if interested in an interview or joining me for a chat about music and movies please contact myself at

Slots go on a first come, first served basis. Ancient Visionz Radio caters for metal (most genres), hc punk, underground hip hop, indie film, comics, and fellow movie fans, but just ask if unsure.

Ancient Visionz Talk Radio Schedule

Ancient Visionz Radio FAQS

Ancient Visionz Radio Latest Schedule

Friday, 2nd March, Casket Robbery (Death Metal).

Sunday, 4th March, Killcode (Metal/Hard Rock). 

Tuesday, 6th March, Assassin (Thrash).

Saturday, 10th March, Razorwire Halo (Electro Rock). 

Sunday, 11th March, Toxic Ruin (Thrash). 

Wednesday, 14th March, Enclave (Thrash). 

Tuesday, 20th March, Corexit (Thrash).

Sunday, 25th March, Drifter (Metal/Rock).

Tuesday, 27th March, After Dusk (Thrash).

Saturday, 14th April, Nervcast (Metal/Rock).

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Interview with Skeletal Remains done by Patrick posted on 2-24-18

Interview with  Chris Monroy Vocalist,guitarist of Skeletal Remains done by Patrick

1.Hello  Chris how are you doing this week?Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hey man I am doing great thank you for asking! Chris here guitar and vocals for skeletal remains!

2.  Chris you handle the guitars for Skeletal Remains when did you become interested in playing the guitars?Did you take lessons when first starting out or are you self taught?

For the most part I am self taught I tried taking lessons once when i was in high school but it didn’t work out i was learning everything I could learn on my own so decided to stop taking em and just kept doing what I was doing before. My older brother actually played guitar so I guess he was one of the main reasons I started playing although he played a different style of music but I think it started with him showing me how to play a few songs back when i was younger then I kind of just started learning how to read tablature and Id just sit for hours a day and learn my favorite songs.

3.Who would you say are your influences and favorite guitarists?

Some of my favorite guitarist and influences are Jason Becker, Steve vai, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, James Murphy, Marty Friedman, Chuck schuldiner, David Gilmour.

4.Besides the guitars you also take care of the vocals when did you start growling?Do you do anything special to keep your voice healthy?

When i formed skeletal remains was the first time i actually took singing serious before that I never really sang much and if I did was just for fun when I would jam with friends but it was never anything serious like now and I never really wanted to be the singer it kinda just happened because we couldn’t find a singer at the time haha.. not really much man I guess just drink a lot of water when I’m on stage or right before getting on stage And try to stay hydrated.

5. Chris you all formed Skeletal Remains in 2011 when did you get the idea to form the band?And who would you say are Skeletal Remains biggest influences?

The idea came from just simply loving death metal and wanting to play some covers with a friend when we had free time it was never nothing serious as I was pretty busy with my full time band at the time so it would only happen when I was home from tour. Then we started writing our own songs and they sounded pretty ok so we decided to do a demo and the rest is history now we are here...
Some of the biggest influences would be pestilence, gorguts, demolition hammer, death, disincarnate, obituary, morbid angel...

6.Devouring Mortality is the bands third release how long did it take you all to write the music for this release?Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everything?

For the first two records before it was me and Adrian Obregon doing most of the writing but this time around it was pretty much all me doing the music and for lyrics I had help from Adrian Marquez and Johnny. As far as how long it took I guess it was quite a long time just because we went through three drummers during the writing of this album so that also made things take a bit longer.

7. Chris, you handle the vocals so I figure you take care of writing the lyrics for the music what are some subjects you all wrote about on Devouring Mortality?

It’s actually me and Adrian Marquez who wrote most of the lyrics for this album But alot of things come into play when it comes to the lyrical content on the album. From natural disasters to autobiographies and stories on historical figures, science-fiction and even video games believe it or not. Just a lot of what we are into and fine very interesting on a daily basis. We like to take any topic or idea we find interesting and try to make it as brutal as possible.

8.Besides the upcoming release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy?Besides the physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

You can still purchase the first two albums from us on our online store or at our shows as well with a bunch of other merchandise we have available. We have a lot of different things shirts patches sweats shorts flags pins etc. so go check it out.

9.I know Skeletal Remains has played many shows over the years in both the U.S and Europe.What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?And who were some bands you have shared the stage with?

Oh man there has been so many cool shows I would say hellfest in France was one of the best shows sharing the stage with so many sick bands was a dream come true. Playing japan for the first time was amazing as well we had such a great time a lot of killer fans out there can’t wait to go back. Party san on our first European tour was also a big one we played first at like noon and there was so many people there for us it was really crazy and amazing experience.

10.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of Devouring Mortality?If yes where will the band  be playing?

Yes we have are playing Canada for the first time in March supporting the mighty demolition hammer and we also have an album release show here at home in April a European tour in May with our label mates angelus apatrida from Spain. Strikefest in Los Angeles which has an amazing bill that you should check out if your not familiar with it. And some stuff later in the year is also booked but I can’t announce yet I guess best thing would be to keep an eye out for announcements on our Facebook and Instagram.

11. Chris, when not working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not busy with SR I am usually working here at home because we all still have daily jobs to pay our bills. Besides that most of my time I spend with my family because sometimes being away from them for a month or two on tour sucks so I always try to be with them when I’m home. And also go to shows when any cool bands come near LA.

12.Skeletal Remains comes out of California's old school death metal what is your opinion of the metal scene in California?

It’s great man there is a lot of cool bands coming out all the time that are also doing the same style we are and it’s great to see that. The scene it self can be a bit weird here in LA people support rumors instead of music it seems like and i find that pretty dumb haha but it’s not always like that but you will come across it.

13.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of California and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

There is a few that i really enjoy. Necrot from Oakland is great also Rude but I’m not sure if they are still based out of Oakland. There is this band from Oregon, Torture rack who we played with at Maryland Deathfest also a sick band.Our friends from Morfin, Blade Killer you should check out as well.

14.Thank you Chris for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you guys for the interview and thanks to anyone who took the time to read this! Keep supporting and make sure you pick up our new album “Devouring Mortality” out April 13th!

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Interview with F.K.U done by Patrick posted on 2-22-18

Interview  with F.K.U  done  by  Patrick

1. Hello please introduce yourself to the readers? At what age did you first start listening to metal music?

Pat - Hi there, I’m Patrik Sporrong aka Pat Splat, the guy handling the bass duties in F.K.Ü. My first contact with metal, or to be more precise, harder rock, was when I saw KISS live back in 1976 at the age of ten. I was totality blown away and there and then I decided that this was the best music ever and that this was something I wanted to do as well.

2. Who were some of the first bands you listened to and who are some of your current favorite bands?

Pat – Well, for obvious reasons KISS was one of the bands I was deeply inspired by and listened to a lot. Then there were Sweet and Alice Cooper that also were in the line of the music I really liked. But pretty soon the search for harder stuff started and bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Slayer took over my life. My love for these bands is still intact. Some of my favorite bands right now would be Wolfbrigade, Terrortron, LIK, Södra Sverige and Henrik Palm.

3. F.K.U was started in 1997 what gave you the idea to start this band and who would you say are F.K.U’s biggest influences?

Pat - Well we started the band as early as 1987 actually and then our second big influence besides horror movies was the crossover thrash scene with bands like Crumbsuckers, Carnivore, Wehrmacht, Mucky Pup, D.R.I. etc. And among them one band particularly, namely the band S.O.D., and band that also gave us the idea for our band name.

Since S.O.D. had a song on their album “Speak English or Die” called Freddy Krueger, that and our wish to make the name an abbreviation with three letters, just like D.R.I. we went for the F.K.Ü. aka Freddy Kruegers Ünderwear moniker. Adding the umlaut to the U just to make it more metal.

Our first logo even had a pair of boxers with Freddys knife fingers emerging.
And our main goal was the same as it is today, to have fun!

4. 1981 is the bands newest release, which is being, released through Despotz Rec. how did you and the band come in contact with this label?

Pat – We felt that it was time to move on when it came to record label and we were having serious thoughts of going back to releasing it all by ourselves as in the early years but then I heard from a friend of mine that Despotz knew that we were in-between labels and ask him to ask us to get in contact with them. And it only took one phone call to realize that this was a label we wanted to work with.

5. How long did it take the band to write the music for the new release? Does the whole band work on writing the music or does one member usually write everything?

Pat - On this album Larry and Emp wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics and then we just isolated our self’s in the rehearsal room to make it all merge together into one bloody mess. We were really focused and we decided early on that this album should be short, aggressive and in your face with no fillers. We really had fun recording this album and I think that is reflected in the final result.

6. Lyrics are based on slasher; horror movies released in 1981 what gave you all the idea to do a concept release from the year 1981?

Pat - We wanted to make an album that was 100% focused on paying tribute to the slasher classics and since 1981 was the year when a lot of the best ones in the genre were released, we basically just came up with the idea of focusing on that year.

Calling the album 1981 and naming the songs by the movies that inspired them was our idea with being as honest as we could be with our intentions with this album.

The songs included on the album are definitely among our favorites but there are many that were left out since we wanted to make a relatively short and intense album. Titles like Happy Birthday To Me, Bloody Birthday, Bloody Moon, Cannibal Ferox, Final Exam, Graduation Day could easily have made it if we would have released a double album. But since we decided in an early stage that we wanted to make a short and intense album we had to be extremely selective choosing the ones finally ending up on the album

7. Besides the 1981 release are the bands previous releases still available to buy? Does the band have any other merchandise available if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

Pat – Our 1999 debut album ”Metal Moshing Mad” has been out of print for a long time. That goes for both the original pressing and the 2007 re-release. Our second album from 2005 ”Sometimes They Come Back… To Mosh” is still possible to get hold of from some retailers. ”Where Moshers Dwell” 2009 and 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers is still available both through our home page and most bigger retailers.

8. What have been F.K.U’s most memorable shows over the years? And who are some bands you have had the pleasure to share the stage with?

Pat – Some of the highlights in our career so far would be the 2007 west coast us tour we did with Engorged and Ghoul and playing Sweden Rock Festival in 2010 in that it was our first appearance at a bigger festival.

When it comes to bands that we liked sharing the stage with there’s many. But to name a few: Ghoul, Engorged, Hyades, Entombed, Meshuggah, The Ugly, Dr. Living Dead.

9. Are their any shows or tours planned in support of 1981?If yes where will the band be playing?

Pat – Well, things are brewing in the F.K.Ü.-camp, for sure, and although we cannot give you the specifics, there's more to come in a not to distant future and hopefully it will involve the more southern parts of Europe.

10. Besides thrash metal do you listen to any other genres of metal or music in general? If yes who are some of your favorite bands?

Pat - Personally I’m really into bands emerging from the early 80’s German syntwave known as “Die Neue Deutche Welle” with bands like D.A.F. and Der Plan. And of course all in the band are heavily into horror movie soundtracks, for obvious reasons

11. F.K.U draws influences from horror and slasher movies when did you first start watching horror movies?

Pat - My earliest memory is me being 6 or maybe 7 years old, sneaking into the living room in the house were I grow up, and hiding behind a sofa to secretly watch the original ”Invasion of the Body Snatchers” from 1956. And from that moment I was totally hooked and have been a big horror fan ever since. After that my parents realized it was no use trying to keep me from watching horror movies. Thanks mom and dad!

12. What are some of your all-time favorite slasher, horror movies? And what do you feel makes a good horror movie?

Pat - Well my all time favorite when it comes to horror is the first two original Halloween-movies. Both when it comes to the movies and the soundtracks.

Then I have a soft spot for Day of The Dead (1978), Psycho (1960) House on Haunted Hill (1959), Happy Birthday to Me (1981), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) to name a few.

13. Who are some of your favorite horror movie actors? Are their any directors that you like to watch a lot?

Pat – If we stick to the horror genre some of my favorite actors would be Jamie Lee Curties, Amy Steel, Linda Blair, Kurt Russel, Donald Pleasence and Harry Dean Stanton to name a few. When it comes to directors/writers there’s nothing that beats John Carpenter / Debra Hill.

14. Do you all watch the remakes of horror movies over the last 15-20 years or do you prefer to watch the originals?

Pat - Obviously we are big fans of the horror from the 70s and 80s but I think that especially the last couple of years has seen some really good ones coming out, like A Dark Song, Devils Candy, Raw, Happy Death Day and The Untamed to name a few. I like it when the makers try to do something new even if they use an old formula, like Cabin in The Woods that as released a couple of years ago. 90 % of the remakes I would say are a waste. Why fix something if it’s not broken?

15. Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you has any final comments for the readers?

Pat – Thank you! As mentioned earlier we’re working hard to be able to come over to a town near you to spread some horror and metal to all die-hard moshoholics and until

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Ancient Visionz Radio is back with Jeff and Tony from American Wrecking Company on Saturday, 24th March. Join us as we discuss the latest happenings with the band, metal, sci-fi, and movies!


US: 3pm-5pm EST, 2pm-4pm CST, 12pm-2pm Pacific, 1pm-3pm Mountain.

UK: 8pm-10pm.

Europe: CET 9pm-11pm.

Listening Link (only live during scheduled shows)

American Wrecking Company



Official Web Site

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Ancient Visionz Radio episode 17-2-18 with US singer/songwriter/musician Ceekay Jones, who discussed his forthcoming UK and European tour, writing and recording music, the new album 'The Introduction Of Mr Jones', future albums, inspiration for music, Hip Hop, Metal, HC, Country, Snowboarding, Motocross, and his favorite movies/TV series.

For those not aware, Ceekay used to play in NY hardcore band, Skarhead. He is very experienced with a multitude of genres and an all round musician, so if you hold any interest for any kind of music, then this show is not to be missed. This episode was one of my favorite shows, Ceekay was such a genuine and interesting person to talk to. 

A great independent musician and highly recommended.

Ceekay Jones

Official Web Site




Sliptrick Records

Press release courtesy of Grand Sounds PR. 

CEEKAY JONES Offers You ‘The Introduction Of Mr. Jones’

American singer/songwriter Ceekay Jones returns with his new album The Introduction Of Mr. Jones. The album features 8 original tracks and 2 acoustic live studio takes full of intimacy and passion. The Introduction Of Mr. Jones is an unpredictable sonic journey, displaying Ceekay Jones vast abilities to tap into many genres of music and find the glue to make it all work. It features his previous 3 singles, the soulful I Don’t Know, the thoughtful A Blind Man’s Gunand the rhythmic The Reason which feature the hip-hop stylings of guest stars Ekoh & DJ Presto One.

The album features some of Ceekay’s long term associates and also some new collaborations, all building to a substantial, cohesive whole. The Introduction Of Mr. Jones artwork has been created by the artist John Wentz.

The Introduction Of Mr. Jones | Released February 28th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records.

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Ancient Visionz Radio episode 13-2-18 with Angelo from thrashers Haniwa. We discussed the album Helleven, thrash, metal, writing and recording music, touring, and more!


Sunday, 18 February 2018


The recent Ancient Visionz Radio episodes featuring Haniwa and Ceekay Jones shall be uploaded tomorrow. I'm also arranging guests for this week's episodes.

Saturday, 17 February 2018


Hey all, today's second show with American Wrecking Company is going to be rescheduled. Sadly the guys lost power and it won't be restored for a few hours. Apologies all, but the guys are unable to do the show under those circumstances. However, we are looking at next Saturday to bring them back on Ancient Visionz Radio.