Thursday, 31 May 2018


The Wastelands debuts this Saturday on Cranium Radio @ 4pm-7pm EST (US)/9pm-12am UK. Cranium Radio is a multi-genre station and is the new home for The Wastelands. It makes sense as we share a similar vision and want to achieve the same goals.

I'll be returning to my role as The Wanderer and playing underground punk, hc, crust, d-beat, grindcore, thrash, death metal, skits, on air comedy, and sometimes selections from underground hip hop mixed with comedy and skits. 

The Wastelands:

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I'm also in the process of building with Cranium Radio to feature the staff as guests with myself and VX on Ancient Visionz Talk Radio. For those unfamiliar with Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, the show revolves around movies and music.


The Wastelands has a new home and will return this Saturday @ 4pm-7pm EST (US)/9pm-12am UK. Ancient Visionz Talk Radio returns very soon. I've been working hard behind the scenes and building with like minded people that share my vision (no pun intended) for one underground. The frustration, stress, and wait was worth it to find the right place. 

Time to build y'all! Full details coming up today. The Wanderer is back. 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Skinless--Savagery cd {Relapse Records} posted by Patrick 5-20-18

Skinless--Savagery  cd {Relapse  Records}
New York's brutal death metal kings  Skinless are baack with their sixth full length release.Savagery is ten tracks of brutal,complex  brutal  death metal that is played with  both mid paced and some extremely  fast  patterns.The vocals  are a mix of low death metal growls and some heavier gruff  growls that are used in some of the songs.The drumming is tight and precise with  both fast,blasting drums and some slower,mid paced drum patterns.The guitars are played with a high level  of  skill and writing  ability.The guitarist can write and play both  some calm mid paced  guitars  that  do  speed up a  to a  faster and furious guitar patterns.If you  are a  fan of  Skinless's previous  releases  then do yourself a favor  and  be sure  to  pick up  a  copy of  Savagery  today.

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Posthuman Abomination--Transcending Embodiment cd {Comatose Music} done by Patrick posted on 5-13-18

Posthuman Abomination--Transcending  Embodiment  cd {Comatose  Music}
Transcending Embodiment is the debut release from Italy's  Posthuman Abomination.The debut features nine songs of bonecrushing slam death metal at it's  finest.The drums  are extremely tight with fast,blasting  drum patterns that rarely slow down.The drummer can play and write some fast patterns but does slow to a mid paced faster drum pattern in a few of the songs.The vocals are low and deep death metal growls that fit the music perfectly.The guitarist writes and performs some  extremely fast patterns and mixes in some well written and performed solo's throughout the songs.If you are a  fan of brutal slamming death metal then do yourself a favor and pick up  a  copy  of Transcending Embodiment  when it is released in June.

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