How do I make submissions for Ancient Visionz? 
Email Gaz:

What format do you accept?
 MP3, so it saves time in converting files to be played on the radio show. 

Do files need to be tagged and labelled?  
Yes this is standard policy with radio shows. 

Are the Ancient Visionz shows recorded?  
Podcasts are provided via our Dropbox and Mixcloud. The shows are uploaded to the site, including the play list.

What music do you play on Ancient Visionz?  
Death Metal, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Doom, Thrash, Sludge, Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, Traditional Heavy Metal, Blues, Crust, D-Beat. 

Possibly thinking of mixing in Punk/HC: HC, Metallic HC, Grindcore, HC Punk, in an expanded Saturday edition to either warm up the show or serve as a halfway point. 

Where Can I listen to the live stream? 
Saturday's 8pm-12am UK/3pm-7pm EST (US) on:

My genre/s aren't featured on Ancient Visionz Radio, can you still help?  
Yes we can provide on air interviews through our chat show edition, or help with a written interview for the site. I can also repost EPKs, updates, news, YouTube videos, flyers, and help with promotion through the site. 


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