Ancient Visionz Talk Radio features reviews, interviews, and guests from underground metal/punk, underground hip hop, indie film. Discussions revolve around music, comics, sci fi, & TV series. All with some added fun just to keep it fresh! Why not join me as a guest? The show runs around guests schedules, usually for 1hr-2hrs from 10pm UK/5pm EST (US). Hosted by Gaz Visionz. Also random editions hosted with friends from other music scenes such as metal/punk/hip hop.

Listen & join us live @

How do I make submissions for interview?

How much notice do I need to give if I'm coming on the show?
3-4 days, or a week, so we can do some reasonable promotion.
How long is the show?
1hr, but we can extend to 2hrs if required.
I'm unable to attend, how much notice do you need?  
1 day before the show at least, so we can let people know in advance if a show needs to be cancelled. We understand sometimes work and commitments etc cannot be avoided, but please respect I'm also giving up my time to chat to you. 

What do I need to come on the show?
A working mic and a skype account that be used with a pc, lap top, or smart phone.

Who do you interview?
Metal bands, punk bands, underground hip hop mcs, indie film, and indie comics. If you enjoy music, movies, and nerding, then you are in the right place!

What topics do you discuss?
Movies, indie film, comics, sci-fi, tv series.
When does Ancient Visionz Talk Radio stream? 
We adapt the show around my own and guests schedules, but usually most days from 8pm UK/3pm EST onward. For example: 8-9pm/10pm UK/3-4pm/5pm EST, 10pm-11pm/12am UK/5-6pm/7pm EST, 12am/1am/2am UK/7-8pm/9pm EST, etc.  
Is the show recorded?
Podcasts are provided via our Dropbox, and shows are uploaded to the Ancient Visionz site.

How I can listen/stream Ancient Visionz Metal Radio or the Ancient Visionz Chat Show? 
From anywhere that has Internet access, whether a PC or smart phone, just press play on the streaming link.
What is the time difference between the UK & my country? 

East Coast -5hrs
West Coast -8hrs 
Central -6hrs
Mountain -7hrs
Hawaii -11hrs


Europe CET +1hr
Russia & Eastern Europe +3hrs

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