Ancient Visionz can repost and write promotional posts to help metal, indie film, movies, and comics.  

How do I make submissions for site promotion?
Email Gaz:

Please include relevant links & information.

What does Ancient Visionz promote?
Metal, indie film, movies, sci-fi, comics, underground punk/hc, and underground hip hop.

 Do you accept EPKs and you can repost them?
Yes, but please send EPKs in a text file with pics/photos attached separately.

Can I submit YouTube videos?

Can I submit flyers/tour news?
Yes. Bands/artists are welcome to send us flyers/tour news to post.

Can you repost streams from our Soundcloud/streaming service?
Yes any bands/artists are welcome to send us a stream to repost.

Can I submit news/updates/ on music/film/sci-fi/comics?