Peace all. Here are my thoughts and opinion of Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

 The sound is awesome and its great playing along to the themes of the movies, and the effects of the blasters are all rad. Graphically its very pretty and do you feel immersed in a full scale campaign. There are 2 maps on the beta called Drop Zone and Walker Assault.

  Drop Zone is very squad based and reminds me of Halo. It mainly involves capturing/defending crashed pods on a small map and is quite tactical.

  Walker Assault is the famous battle for Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back. Oh its awesome and a big map. Players can use base defenses, set up anti infantry artillery, and so on.

  The negatives: there are players who obviously had access before this beta went live or as usual with most online games there are a percentage of players with too much time on their hands so they already unlocked superior weapons and gadgets, which makes it easier for them to fly around using a jet pack & a bossed up blaster rifle. Of course you can unlock them as you progress, but add in the heavy amount of spawn and camper killing then it can be a little irritating when you first join. This is another problem with the beta. Players randomly spawn anywhere often leading to you placed in front of the opposing team to be obliterated.

 Walker Assault is a heavily unbalanced map with the Rebels rarely winning. We accept they are underwhelmed, but there is little you can do against Walkers as they annihilate everything. The rebels can set up Y Wing bombers to take them out, but I've yet to see it have any major impact. However, this is just the beta so hopefully it will change when SW Battlefront is released in November.

  Its due to be the biggest game of the year coinciding with The Force Awakens film so I am stoked to see the final version including content from the new movie.

  As a Sci Fi/SW geek this is what I hope to see in the final released version of Battlefront:

Notable differences in weapons so they do vary
Spawning at team base or something to limit the camper kills
Reasonable unlocking system for weapons/items that don't require you to play for 99hrs non stop.
Characters from the new movie with cameos
Unlockable Kylo Ren.
A co-op campaign to play with friends in an expansion pack

 Overall, I do feel if you can play this game with a group of friends working in a unit it will be very enjoyable, but Black Ops 3 is also due for release in November along with my personal gaming highlight Fallout 4 so there will be heavy competition for Battlefront.
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