So AZ went to watch the latest James Bond movie 'Spectre' at theaters last night and it was a good movie. We we're stoked about seeing the latest Bond movie and I wasn't disappointed. Spectre has a solid soundtrack that fits the various scenes perfectly and it engages the audience with the movie and story.

 You will quickly become engrossed and there are some high level action scenes to keep people happy, but what I found more pleasing was that Bond's personality has returned with his notable humor on display compared to the previous entries in the current series.

  It just makes Bond more appealing and interesting to watch. Previous criticism had said that Bond had become more Bourne than Bond, but not in Spectre. A considerable change to his personality and time developing a story firmly sweeps aside any of those notions.

  Spectre has all the classic elements with interesting characters, strong performances, beautiful camera work, good soundtrack, and a strong story which doesn't just rely on non stop action scenes.

  This is the start of the big movies in the run up to Xmas with The Force Awakens.

  Ancient Visionz highly recommends Spectre for movie & Bond fans alike, and it would be cool to see Daniel Craig return to do another Bond film.

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