Ancient Visionz: Best of 2015

There are many more, but this list was compiled very quickly on the fly due to time constraints.

Sons Of Liberty
The Flash
The Last Ship
Star Wars Rebels
The Last Kingdom
Ash Vs Evil Dead

Movies/Independent Film:

Star Wars was taken away from George Lucas. Hopefully no more Gungans & Jar Jar Binks.

Average Superstar Films. Unbelievable hard work for the independent film community. A busy yr for Loren & the guys.

Mad Max Beyond Fury Rd. The sheer scale and size of the crew involved in making this momentous movie was insane.

Fast & Furious 7.

HC Punk. So many bands from around the world released so many solid eps/albums & more, and the list would be just endless so its easier to just name HC Punk. A strong showing for hardcore, which soars above all.

Jolly Jackers (Celtic Punk).

Killah Priest (UG/Spiritual Hip Hop). 

Black Anemone (Celtic Punk).

Celtic Punk - Fairly solid yr.

Triangle Fire (Crust Punk. For their help/support & friendship).

Straight & Alert Records (HC Punk. Awesome releases this yr).

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