Wednesday, 16 December 2015



Peace all. Its Visionz with my fanboy fears, hopes, and excitements concerning the Force Awakens. As I blog this for the site today I'm struck with a sense of something special is about hit our movie screens. Yes the hype machine has been in full swing for the past year, but this does feel different. Its not the same feeling as The Avengers (truly disappointing terrible movies IMO) or Lord Of The Rings. 

  I guess with SW it is the forefather of all things modern geekdom relating to the huge blockbuster. Maybe also because we get to experience it now and can say wow this is what it was like for people back then. I'm an avid geek and SW fan, but I don't just like something because it has the SW label slapped on it. It still needs to be good or something I think is worthwhile or a solid idea. 

  The prequels were wack, but episode 3 isn't that bad. There are still positives I can enjoy from the prequels. Yes really there are. My answer whenever debates pop up about the prequels are to say watch the Clone Wars Series, the true spiritual prequels, and much better than the movies. 

  The Force Awakens feels different and I stopped reading any spoilers a few weeks ago as I felt too much had already been shown to the public. I hold my own theories surrounding supreme leader Snoke and so on, but I will watch the movie a few times before sharing them. Its hard not to be taken up in all the hype, but I do feel its something special which has been lacking from movie theaters for some time with the exception of a few movies and franchises. 

  My fears for The Force Awakens are what if it fails and doesn't live up to the hype? Early reviews says its good and the law of averages says we would get one good movie even if its butt due to the planned amount of SW movies. 

  I'm hoping to attend one of the premieres today then visit theaters for a second viewing the next day to help me just take all of it in, and grasp what I've watched. Of course I cannot say this is the most awesome movie ever until I've seen it, and more than once. But, my general vibe says the force will be strong.

  We will share our experiences with you all during the coming days, but man its incredibly hard not to get soaked up in the hype. 1. 

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