Spoilers ahead so be warned. 1.

 Peace all. I may need to keep this review short sadly due to all my music activities, but we will blog and see how it goes. 

  Ok so I went to watch The Revenant with friends, which already probably will be one of the best movies released in 2016. As much as I'm a sci fi nerd I'm happy that we are now starting to receive some solid movies as I personally think the on going Marvel over saturation hasn't helped due to poor quality with some of the movies. Its led to audiences becoming tired of those films, but this is where The Revenant & other movies soon to be released will fill this void, and restore a balance. 

   If you want to start the year off with a solid film and are not sure what to choose then let me recommend The Revenant. This has truly been a labor of love for the director and it clearly shows on screen. The cinematography and camera work are excellently done presenting us with a vast sprawling landscape depicting the natural world in a vivid, beautiful, and at times extremely harrowing dangerous place in which to find yourself. 

  Care has been taken to capture the beauty of the trees, rivers, animals, and people that populated 1820s North America. Frequently The Revenant reminds audiences just how brutal it was to have lived during this period. 

  The central plot revolves around 19th century explorer Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and his quest for survival and revenge. 15-20 minutes into the movie we witness a savage bear attack (it is gruesome so its not something you can pass off as romantic comedy) which leaves Glass fighting for survival. His hunting team abandons Glass, leaving him to his fate, but this is only the start of the story.

  To try and skip over some of the events so we don't 'spoil' this I will just mention an event happens sparking the desire for survival and revenge in Hugh Glass. He really does suffer through this movie with the guy throwing himself into white water rapids, and going over a cliff face on his horse. Its truly harrowing, but yet he keeps going, refusing to give up.

  There is one scene that just again shows off the cinematography of this movie with a herd of buffalo running across the plains as Glass watches. Its quite special and a reminder of how beautiful nature is. 

  The acting is extremely well done with strong memorable characters all round that create a lasting impression. Tom Hardy who plays the nemesis of Glass displays  another fine performance crediting the actor's diversity. Bane, Mad Max, and his role in Child 44 with Gary Oldman, and now as Fitzgerald in The Revenant testify why he is a diverse actor. 

  The action scenes are extremely brutal and relentless. I remarked earlier that this is a film you probably couldn't pass off as a romantic comedy lol so it might not appeal to your respective girlfriends/boyfriends. Its an intentional move from the director to pull the audience into the sheer unforgiving environment of the American wilderness in the 19th century. From the beginning of The Revenant you are presented with both the harsh and serene aspects of nature. It was a brutal time to live back then, and the movie demonstrates this perfectly. 

  When leaving the theater I had a real sense that I did get value for my money, and felt like I had watched something compelling. The Revenant has been crafted superbly in every aspect. I highly recommend it to you all, but be warned this is a brutal tale of survival, but also that the human spirit and quest for hope is always there. 

  Another movie that has gone under the radar you may want to watch is Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks, but sadly I'm too swamped with the music side of things to blog a review. 

  The Revenant is awesome stuff and highly recommended, especially if you are little tired of the hype with A Force Awakens (I say that as a SW nerd). 

  To conclude I genuinely hope The Revenant receives the recognition it deserves, and inspires others to start making some solid films so there is a balance restored to the movie theaters. 

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