Peace all. The only downside about being spread across a number of scenes is you get swamped and outside of the radio shows I struggle to find time to blog & update about other areas of interest especially movies. I'd planned to do 2 reviews for Creed & Deadpool, but sadly they will have to be short shouts outs. 

Ok first up Creed.

Solid acting, good speeches, inspiration, morals, and life lessons. Not over hyped and time was taken to develop and establish the movie. AZ says: Go see it. 


Ok I'll be straight up its one hilarious movie lol. Not the usual or typical comic book movie, but that's what Deadpool is. It stands up there on its own & is very entertaining. There are so many jokes in reference to the X-Men & much more. Just go watch it & don't drink when Deadpool talks or you will be choking with laughter. Oh wait for the post credit scene & the Samuel L Jackson joke lol.

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