Happy Easter everybody! Ok so on to discussing Arrow season 4. Bah. I've tried to put this off for a while as Arrow is a show I really enjoy and like. It is still one of my favorites, but the Olicity character is becoming unbearable. Last season she was a colossal pain in the butt. She quickly replaced Laurel as the most annoying cast member on the show. Laurel is a lot more bearable this season, and has been toned down greatly. 

  However, dear Olicity, please vacate the show soon as possible. It is supposed to be about Arrow and not the associated soap opera you seem to bring with you. Its sadly become as bad as Lana Lang in Smallville who grated on me every time she was on screen.

  Arrow season 4 started ok, enjoyable, Olicity had seemed to take a few chill pills, and Damien Dark makes for an interesting villain even if a little unintentionally comedic. But, as series 4 progressed Olicity seemed to once again be back to bring us down to the unofficial 'Olicity Memoirs' spin off show. Its not the actress's fault, she is only playing the role assigned, but the writers need to start listening to the fans as Oliver is taking a back seat a little too much when the show is supposed to concentrate on him.

  Olicity character's does not work, and the forced relationship issues with Oliver has about as much chemistry as a Peruvian flute player jamming with Mr brutal squeal gorilla roar death slam band. It just does not gel. I've tried to give her character a chance, and I didn't mind her in the 1st 2 seasons, but come series 3, and now 4 its please will you just leave this show.

  Outside of the Olicity Memoirs I've enjoyed the show, characters, and I can now bear Laurel. The mysticism is interesting and I hope to see John Constantine on the show again. Malcolm Merlin is transitioning to becoming the uber villain again, and John Barrowman is such a fantastic actor. Very under rated. 

  My concern as an Arrow fan is if they do not do something about the Olicity character it will turn many of us away from the show. Fans only put up with so much, and when a character has such an adverse effect on the show they will soon look else where. There is an alternative now in Daredevil so they need to listen to what the fans are saying. As I mentioned in my Daredevil season 2 review, the romance doesn't seem forced, and there are good connections and chemistry. It also does not effect the DD show in a negative light or the central heroes. 

  So hopefully as we journey into the last run of episodes for Arrow season 4, Olicity can get a job running IT for an undiscovered lost continent where she is too busy to be involved with Team Arrow in any capacity. This would allow the writers to hopefully return to focusing on the Green Arrow.

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