I'm sure many of you will have heard the hype surrounding Daredevil season 2, and The Punisher. Hype surrounds everything now or the over extensive arc of hype that often leaves us feeling disappointed, well this time its clear cut with just how good DD series 2 is. I'm also relying on the assumption many of you have watched the series so you know the characters I'm naming, and who Daredevil is. There are spoilers contained in this review, but I try to skate around them so I don't give too much away.

  The acting from the cast displays a fine caliber and is one of the best acted shows I've seen in a long time. Each actor brings the roles to life, conveying the differing characteristics and personalities making them unique from one another, and not just a clone or a down tuned version of the central lead. Foggy's exchanges with Matt are great, and realistic with the strain that would be placed on two friends in partnership during these circumstances. Its a relationship that is played out during the course of the season, but in a more mature way, which the audience can appreciate. Its not the situation displayed on Arrow with the Olicity debacle, whom sadly spoils the whole show. 

 Karen Page (I'm really pushed atm with a heavy workload to list actor's individual names), but she is a good supporting cast member who has developed much more into her own person this season. She is more confident and articulate with what she wants to do, and her romance with Matt was more believable than the forced relationship between Olicity and Oliver on Arrow. I like Arrow, but the irritating Olicity character needs removing asap. But, I'll talk more about that in my thoughts on Arrow season 4. 

  Claire, the nurse who helped Matt/DD last season is still around, and drops an Easter Egg reference to Luke Cage (there are other Easter Eggs that refer to Jessica Jones & more), but she is busy helping people in the hospital, and trying to put some distance between her Matt. She likes him, but he is too complicated for her, and obviously busy protecting Hell's Kitchen. 

  I think what impressed me so much with season 2, and I binged watched it last weekend is the coherent story and structure, further backed up by the level of acting from all involved. Each character, especially the main players hold a captivating presence leaving you eager to learn more. Elektra is played really well, and nothing like the terrible solo movie or her appearance in the shambolic DD movie. 

  Kingpin is as menacing as ever, but yet refined, a man in control, whom indulges in his ugly side when necessary in keeping with the reality of his world.  Kingpin is still a major player, he is just rebuilding, re-stratergising, and I suspect in season 3 we shall see him emerge probably after a few episodes to claim back what was his. Incredible acting from Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin.

  The main villains for season 2 are The Hand with this premise continuing into season 3 buy the way the series ends. The show also dips into the mystical side, nicely setting up for planned Iron Fist spin off series. Its essentially tying it up together to form the Defenders. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and so on. 

  The DEA is also a solid villain who comes into opposition against Matt & Foggy's law firm throughout season 2. She is quite a methodical, determined, cold individual concerned with her own career ambitions that hinge on convicting the Punisher. And, this is where we arrive with our closing thoughts on season 2. The Punisher. Oh man nerd alert!! We repeat nerd alert! This is clearly the best Punisher I've ever seen played by anyone. He totally steals the show! Too say he kills it, no pun intended, would be one of the biggest understatements of 2016. The presence, aura, sheer relentless burning desire to see and enact justice by any means necessary is clearly here to see. I cannot stress how good this Punisher is. The way the show introduces him is awesome. We don't really see him until the end of episode 3 maybe, but the carnage left by him leaves you thinking wow who is this? I guess to give you a big, big hint to my forth coming Batman V Superman review. The Punisher is brutal. Seriously brutal. The villains are incredibly afraid of him, and Ben Affleck's Batman is the same.

  Whenever the Punisher walks on screen you take notice. Very well played, providing insight into how and why he became who he is. His own spin off series probably won't happen just yet, but Frank Castle is here to stay, and that makes me excited. 

  The finale is great, a coming together of DD, Elektra, and The Punisher to take down The Hand. The Hand will still be a threat in season 3, but it was interesting to see how it all played out. All in all, one of the best TV series I've watched. 

  Now to the hard questions. Is this the best comic book show on TV? Well it depends on personal taste, what you enjoy from comics, and what heroes/villains you like. I still argue that The Flash is the best comic book show as it really is like a comic on TV, but DD is one of the finest dark and brutal TV series I've watched. I know its an on going argument and issue with people who lean either to the darker tone or the lighter fun tone. I usually gravitate more towards the darker tones, but I still appreciate and enjoy some of the lighter tones as well. 

  Daredevil can be recommended easily to non comic book fans, and works as a stand up crime drama in its own right. Daredevil season 2 is one of the finest shows around atm. DD is dark, gripping, brutal, well acted, and ultimately, a thoroughly absorbing show.

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