Ade - Carthago Delenda Est, 2016 (Death Metal, Romano Death Metal)

Track Listing for ‘CARTHAGO DELENDA EST’
I. Carthago Delenda Est
II. Across the Wolf's Blood
III. Annibalem
IV. With Tooth and Nail
V. Dark Days of Rome
VI. Scipio Indomitus Victor
VII. Mare Nostrum
VIII. Zama: Where Tusks are Buried
IX. Excidium
X. Sowing Salt

 The title of Ade's new album 'Carthago Delenda Est', alludes to the setting for the LP, which is the Punic Wars between Rome and the Carthaginians, later resulting in the total devastation and sacking of Carthage. It was a turbulent time for the whole Mediterranean world, spit in two, with each power vying for dominance.

  Ade transport us back to this time with their music, and it's awesome when bands/artists create a different theme to the usual. Yes, there is Nile, and other bands basing music on ancient Egypt and Sumeria, but the Roman culture hasn't been at the forefront in death metal.

  Ade's last album Spartacus, was a classic, and the nerd in me, instantly thought of the Spartacus TV series. With that being said, in true geek style let me then ask "is Carthago Delenda Est fit for purpose? Very much so, but is it better than Spartacus? I would say they are maybe about the same, but there isn't much to separate them. The difference I noticed when listening to Carthago over and over, is the brutality, it is heavier than Spartacus, but retains the historical atmosphere associated with Ade. 

  When I hear music of any genre approach a style with something different, I always nerd so much, and it captivates my imagination. If you are fan of ancient history, then Ade will hold your attention, and take you on a musical journey through the ancient Roman world. I can see legions engaging with Hannibal's troops whilst listening to Carthago Delenda Est, or ships embarking upon the journey to meet the Carthaginians. 

  I can't say this enough, and no doubt will mention this again and again, but I really, really hope, a film maker, one day is brave enough to start using music such as this in movies or series focusing on various eras.  

  Overall, Carthago Delenda Est is a fine album, with a level of depth displaying the clear hard work and time taken in developing the LP. We are taken for a ride with Ancient Rome, whilst Ade narrates the story for our ears, allowing our imagination to take us back to a long forgotten world. 

  If you enjoy concept music and albums, then you will not be disappointed with Carthago Delenda Est. Go pick up a copy, and transform yourself into Maximus Moshimus!

Awesome work guys. Carthago Delenda Est is available from Xtreem Music, and the links are below.

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