Wednesday, 31 August 2016


 I would like to say thank you all for supporting the re-branding of Ancient Visionz, and for recognizing that we wish to present features from all scenes ranging from film to music. Currently, I'm working through a few updates, which need to be cleared, but soon I'll post a review of a supernatural comic called The Shepherd, and the sci-fi comedy web tv series, Dead Drift.

  Since Brutal Existence Radio closed, my time was, and still is, invested in exploring options for me to continue The Wastelands radio show. I've also been asked if I would bring back Crimson Bones Thrash Metal show, and do a underground hip hop podcast. I'm liaising closely with my Brutal Existence Radio family, and I'm still looking at cross promoting with my friends such as Metal Mark.  

More news soon. 1 love. 


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