A few weeks ago, I came across Chaosbringer, and knew I had stumbled on something quite special, which led to me featuring them on The Wastelands, including the recent random podcast edition. Myself and Metal Mark (Audio Aggression) found them to be very worthy of a particular special jacket. So, I'll continue, but warning, I was pumped up when I wrote this, think of the next Avengers movie, but with the music of Chaosbringer. Can you imagine the Avengers or Captain Marvel engaging Thanos with Chaosbringer as the soundtrack? I can!

   Oh man, just oh man. There is no other way to describe Chaosbringer, but with excitement, and prepare to pass out! Here are some guidelines I advise when listening to Chaosbringer: get a Saxon battle metal jacket, sweat pants (you will sweat buckets when you listen to Chaosbringer), and a mosh zone, start running in circles with a mean mosh face like you beat constipation for the first time.

  Chaosbringer are real, old school dm worship of so many bands I could list, but they do it really well. Mid tempo, powerful riffs, and film makers, please start using this music in sci-fi movies!

  Chaosbringer's 'Immersion In Darkness' EP should also appeal to crust punks, as there is enough crust to crossover into that scene. The EP is available for free download from their Bandcamp, and go to the mosh zone asap! Let's do it! Awesome work guys, and I want to hear more. I want to fall on the floor saying 'ohhhhhhhh' when the next release arrives.
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