Gorebath are a 1 man crust grind band from Tunisia who are no stranger to my shows or any projects I've previously undertaken. Disease Spreading Land follows 2009's demo, and is Gorebath's first full length album. Its politically and socially conscious with powerful lyrics detailing the corruption, hypocrisy, greed, and evil within the world. I also find Disease Spreading Land interesting as Gorebath witnessed the Arab spring first hand, and thus had a real insight into these events as they unfolded around him. So lyrically you really are hearing an authentic perspective of the period.

  Musically Disease Spreading Land offers grindcore with strong crust punk/hc punk influences throughout the album, which keep it closer to the punk style of grind, and the hc/crust rawness is evident to our ears. Personally I've always preferred the punkier/hc style so it makes it enjoyable to listen too and play on my shows. Gorebath are faithful to the roots of grind and use enough punk to retain this in their sound. 

  The vocals are very blackened showcasing Gorebath's love of black metal, but it also fulfills his approach to bring a raw onslaught of noise. I think he wants to remain authentic and keep it intact with the sound. I appreciate what Gorebath are doing, and how they do this. Some forms of music just work so much better with social and political themes mixed into their sound, and grindcore imo is one of those genres. The stand out feature with Disease Spreading Land are the expressions of anger, fury, and frustration concerning the status of politics and greed. Its all conveyed through a fast, unrelenting onslaught of noise matching the album title perfectly.

  Gorebath's first full length 'Disease Spreading Land' will appeal to people from a multitude of scenes who enjoy fast extreme music. The punks will like the rawness and lyrical content, and metalers will enjoy the usage of BM and DM.

Gorebath's debut full length can be ordered from the links below: 


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