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Interview with Jorge owner of Rotten Cemetery Rec, by Patrick, 10-30-15

Here  is  a  new  interview   I  have   conducted  with   Jorge   owner  of  the  Brazilian  brutal death  metal  label  Rotten Cemetery Rec.  so  if you  are  a fan  of  death  metal  then  definitely  give this a read  and  check  out  his  sites.

Interview  with   Jorge  owner   of   Rotten  Cemetary Rec  and  guitarist  for Decrepit  Cadaver   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello  Jorge  please  introduce yourself  to the   readers?When did you  first  get  into  metal  music?

Well, as they have read already my name is Jorge, glad to have to opportunity to share some info with you guys thanks to Patrick and his crew. I think i was a kid when i got my first metal cassete
which was iraon maiden number of the beast, bascally i went listen from heavy metal, some black, and then i got into death metal when i was about 17 and until now, my tastes had been changing now, i like mostly death and brutal death metal bands nowadays.

2.What  gave  you  the   idea  to  start  the  label?How  have  things  gone  with  the  label  so  far?

i always wanted to have a label, why? don't know honeslty, i think it was because i was always into buying music, checking new bands or bands new material reading the covers lyrics, i always liked to have the real thing, so i started playing in my own band and had the trouble at the beginning to release my own material, thats when i started thinking
on having a label, after a couple of years i started my distro then the label.

3.Do  you  run and  work on the  label  by yourself  or do you  have  any  help?What  do  you   look  for  when  signing  and  releasing  a   band?

I manage almost everything from distro to production, i have a few collaborators i work with in other cities but basically i run this by my own, get some help sometimes from my wife or my daughter :) so i would   say its still a family business..

4.What  are  your  current  releases that  are  available  for  the  fans? Are their  any  upcoming   releases the  readers should  watch  out  for?

well the current releases can be seen in any of our 3 main sites which are mentioned at the end of the interview. I have a couple of releases so far coming soon Ghoulish  (cl), Vomit Of Torture (PL) , Gangrenous (Cl), Severe Punishment (CL), Horror Paradise (MX), Maníaco (CL) and a few others are coming really soon...also we are producing a killer DVD
from a killer band soon we will be announcing.

5.If  any  bands  are reading this  are  you  currently  looking for   new  bands to  sign  or  is  Rotten  Cemetary Rec  filled  up  at  this  time?

We are always looking for bands, but we cannot sign all of them, we are looking mostly for Brutal Death, Death Metal bands, no other styles for the moment, so if a band plays this, and they feel they are good enough to become part of our label, feel free to contact us.

6.If  any  bands  or  labels  are  reading this  what  styles  of  metal  do  you  carry  in  your  distro?

Mostly brutal death metal and death metal tittles, we carry some small ammount of different tittles, but mainly that, and the labels i work with are mostly the same.

7.In  your   opinion   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground today?And  what  does  the  term  Underground  metal  mean  to you?

Underground means a lot to me, i grew up listening to metal when it was all underground, today underground lack of existence internet already took over that, which in some way means a lot of exposition, which im not against

I think what is nice about these days its that the scene its even bigger and stronger than before, people have access to the music they like so im ok with it. I would love that some people buy more CDs to support not only bands which are the main purpose of having a label, but labels too which put as well a big effort trying to move their material as well.My purpose when i became label always was to distribute the most i can the bands i carry. Its 100% passion what i do.

8.Jorge  you  live  in Chile South America  I  know  S.A  has  a  huge  black  and death/thrash scene.But  what  is  the  scene  like  for the  more brutal death  metal  bands?

Scene in southamerica is great in all senses, there are a lot of bangers and a lot of good bands from all the styles. I like a lot S.A. brutal death bands, they have their own different sound sto the ones outside, there are some very interesting bands i like to listen and a lot of new coming!!!

9.Who  are your  all-time  favorite  Chilean  and S.A bands?Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel the  readers   should  check  out  soon?

well thats a hard question but from Chile, i like Defacing, Melektaus, Godagainst, Gangrenous, Annog Vrnama, Hidden, Cranial Implosion,  it should be more i can't remember.. southmerican bands always liked Krisiun, Sepultura (old), Internal suffering, supporation, Psicosis, Amputated Genitals, Social Shit, Vomepotro and others... Im not a big fan of classic bands from Chile, but i like Atomic Aggressor, from the old school ones.

10.Besides  brutal  death  metal  do  you   listen to  any  other  styles  of  metal  or   music  in  general?

I listen sometimes from metal, some thrash, heavy,and black bands which  bands,which i always carry like in my car for example :) (Sodom, Testament, iron, emperor etc.. ) and i also like to listen classical music along with a few other popular artists from time to time.

11.Other  then  working  on  the  label  you  are  also  the  guitarist  of  Decrepit  Cadaver.What  gave you  the  idea to  form  this  band?

Death metal and brutal death metal gave that idea, my passion for guitars its what took me to it.

12.What  is  the   current  line up  of   Decrepit  Cadaver? For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  the  bands   music  how would  you  best   describe  it?

Decrepit Cadaver started as a death metal band, inspired on old school death metal bands, such as cannibal corpse and suffocation, after a couple of years we evolved to brutal death metal, right now we are into technical brutal death which has a little of everything. Listen and judge yourself... right now the line up is:
Christian Rojas - Drums
Christian Lancelloti - Bass
Jorge Reynaud - Guitars
Elias Carmona - Vocals

13.Jorge  as  mentioned you   handle  the  guitars for  the  band  when  did you  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?Are  you  self taught  or did you take  lessons  when  first  beginning?

I became interested when i was young, when i was like 12, metal indeed motivated me to play guitars, so I started on my own, i took a few years lessons with a teacher then i went to music school 2 years but didn't finish, but ive learn a lot, but not enough so i kept studying a few things with a friend taking some classes again, after that i followed my path on my own and started my band.

14.Who  are  some  of your   influences/favorite   guitarists?Besides the  guitars  do you  play  any  other   instruments?

I like a lot Marty friedman, Jason Becker, Alex Skolnick, Vicente Amigo, Paco de Lucía Ishan from emperor too..some guys i dont know their names which play brutal death and other bands. I play piano, not great but a few classical pieces. I like to play piano too.

15.When  not   working  on  label  or  band stuff  what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  spare time?

 I like to spare time with friends and family, travel to places i haven't been in... barbecue and beers etc.

16.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill  this   interview  out.Do  you   have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

Thank you Patrick for the chance of the interview with you guys, i hope you don't get bored reading it heheh
my label sites are:
also you can reach me in facebook

thanks a lot and stay brutal!

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