Monday, 22 August 2016

Peace & Much Love To Our Brother John Barber, Drummer of Triangle Fire

 A repost from a former punk/hc radio show I used to run, but I cannot forget John. The information is out of date and not current, especially as the show is no more, but I still wanted to carry John's spirit with us into our new journey.

  Its the start of the new year, and upon our return we heard about the tragic passing of John Barber, drummer for crust/hc punk band Triangle Fire. This is really sad and tragic news, which has hit me very hard as John was friends with myself and the show dating back to 2008 when it began.

  He was always such a warm, friendly, deeply caring man who only wished to promote and help create a better world for us all to share. John always supported the show when he could and there wasn't one punk/hc compilation that didn't feature any of his bands.

  I'm still trying to process this news, but I contacted Tandi from Triangle Fire to ask her if would be ok if I could re-share the chat show we did with John on PX radio. She agreed that it would be a nice gesture, and I'm also doing a very special edition of the show tomorrow, which will be split into 2 shows. The first part of the show will be the regular metal edition then the remaining 2hrs will be a punk/hc edition to honor and pay respect to John. I'll be playing tracks from all of the bands he sent me during the yrs to play on the shows which are: Orchard of the Living, Triangle Fire, Black Ops, Chainsaw Sex Vikings, and Demonfilth. I know he also played in a gyspy folk band called Din Of Thieves. Details about the show tomorrow, but for now here is the edition of PX Radio featuring our friend John Barber.

PX Radio Season 2 Episode 2 (20.01.13) - John (Triangle Fire, Crust/Punk/HC)


  I'm going to miss you man, but I hope you are at peace some where. One love brother and thank you for everything John. I would also like send our deepest condolences and sympathies to John's family, and love & peace to Tandi & the rest of the guys in Triangle Fire.

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