So today I was preparing the set list for The Wastelands and stumbled upon something quite special. This is quite a unique piece of music, which is hard to find in any scene. I visited the web site of The Historian Himself & found myself becoming more engrossed in his work. Gather Bones is the latest release from The Historian Himself, and dropped in November last year.

   I guess some metal heads would mention the Cascadian metal scene with its emphasis on earth and nature, but in this case the music from The Historian Himself covers much more ground with a diverse formula all mixed together.  For non hip hoppers the closest comparison, & I use the term loosely would be the lyrical themes in folk metal/rock, and folk punk, but musically there is much more present with Gather Bones.

  I will try describe the elements I can hear in Gather Bones, but expect to hear influences and music from: folk, soul, blues, hip hop (underground), clean singing, acoustic instruments such as guitars/flutes, spoken word poetry, and beats. It's all constructed to a concept, and it is like a musical narration featuring the genres I mentioned. Awesome stuff.

  I sincerely hope we do hear more music from all involved, as it is unique and something very different, which ultimately is a refreshing and enjoyable experience for the listener.

 Go give Gather Bones a listen, and emerge yourself in the story presented. It's available on Bandcamp for streaming. For more information about The Historian Himself, please visit the following sites:
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