Wednesday, 24 August 2016


 I'm still exploring possible radio stations for live dj slots where I could do The Wastelands. We are hoping to maybe develop a separate podcast edition, which would be available for streaming outside of a live dj spot. 

  The other changes coming to The Wastelands will see the end of the no cursing challenge. I think 1-2yrs without cursing has proven the point, that yes, I know when to be sensible. It's time to bring back the fun to the show, so here are the following changes:

* Cursing is back. I'm very polite in RL, but cursing was just a comedy routine for humor, and nothing else. People miss it, and so do I. Time to inject it back into the show.

* Return of old silly characters such as Billy Bond, Jame's Bond's brother, who is licensed to be extremely silly. Sherlock Mosh Holmes, and more stupidly voiced individuals.

* Debut of a new character titled 'The Laughing Man'. 

* Silly singing & motivational mosh speeches telling you to rise from your chairs, but in a hyper manner.  

* Random silly shout outs & promos from friends/bands.

* Crimson Bones & Captain Midnight Mosh. Captain Midnight Mosh will continue to make guest appearances on The Wastelands.

* Possible separate movie reaction podcast. Recently, before Brutal Existence Radio closed, my movie reactions were a welcome edition to The Wastelands, probably because myself and friends were silly. If I do not continue it with The Wastelands, then a possible separate podcast featuring these reactions mixed with a short set of underground music from metal, punk, and hip hop is another option. 

  There are many ideas I'm exploring, but it is time for the return of silly eccentric humor mixed with the usual promotions. A healthy dose of silly is a welcome return for The Wanderer.

More news soon, but for further information about The Wastelands, please go here




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