Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Wastelands Site Closing Soon & Radio Show News

 Hey all, I'm closing The Wastelands site down soon, and moving everything back to Ancient Visionz. It was extremely difficult to try keep the two sites updated, and I need to run everything from one place again, especially since I will be starting school in October.

  Ancient Visionz will go through a re-brand, which will be kind of back to what it was, all underground music from metal, hc punk, hip hop, with movies, comics, and nerd stuff.

  I'm still figuring out what to do with The Wastelands in terms of outlets to air the show as a podcast too or maybe other live slots on other stations, or more ideas, as people still want to work with me, and I'm always a believer in expanding, and working in more than one scene. It helps strengthen the scenes, so there is much food for thought atm.

All the posts from here will be moved back to Ancient Visionz asap.

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