Zetkin are a blackened crust thrash band from Austria, and manage to make me very excited! I liked their debut EP Vanguard as soon as I heard it, which was due to the raw crusty vibe flowing throughout their music. Sometimes, nothing beats unfiltered stripped down rawness, especially if containing punk influences. Zetkin provide us with a good example of why this works so well. 

  Recently we had the Olympics, but I partake in another sport worthy of gold medals. Would you like to know what it is? I'm going to tell you, it is the very noble pastime of walking into a living room, and gazing at a sofa in a mean manner, then pointing fiercely whilst you warm up your mosh face, then move the sofa into the middle of the room stating 'oh are you going to be jumped over!'. Proceed to turn up the volume on music player, then jump back and forth engaging in sofa hurdles, whilst raw music plays. 

  Personally, if the world's most terrible sport, 'golf', can be made into an Olympic sport, then there is hope for sofa mosh hurdles. Vanguard is a good debut EP, appealing to people from both the metal and punk spectrum, and is energetic, unfiltered, crusty thrash. 

Vanguard is available from Zetkin's Bandcamp as name your price, but shirts are also in stock.


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