The Wastelands Random Podcast Edition Episode 2 (METAL/PUNK)


The Wastelands Random Podcast Edition Episode 2

The Wastelands returns live on air soon. Announcement coming up today.

Thx & shouts to the PR companies/bands/friends that support the show. 1.

DL/Streaming link:

 Feat: DM, Brutal DM, Slam, Old School DM, Death Thrash, Thrash, Metal Punk, Crust, Doom, Death Doom, Sludge, Captain Midnight Mosh & The Crimson Bones, Sausage Party movie reaction, Saxon mosh jacket shout outs, silly humor, Maximus Moshimus, The Wanderer, & mosh.

Innumerable Forms - Petrified (2:41)
        Mercyless - My name is legion (4:00)
        Sewercide - Eternal (In Spirit) (3:45)
        Dehumanized - One North (4:53)
        Casket Raider - Enmity (4:21)
        ADE - Mare Nostrum (5:12)
        Temple Of Void - Rot in Solitude (5:34)
        Casket Garden - Gravediggers (2:00)
        Cultist - Pest Arise (3:07)
        Flesh Incineration - Authoritarian Populism (2:04)
        SHRAPNEL STORM - Radars Down (3:56)
        Veiyadra - Xeno Spawn (4:47)
        Undead Creep - Summoning The Abyss Lord (4:24)
        Broken Flesh - Unworthy (3:09)
        Dogmatist - Volatile & Poisoner Of The Well (2:12)
        Germ Bomb - Dogs from the wasteland (2:29)
        Drainland - Limb Template (3:38)
        Acid Coma - Faithless (5:49)
        Condition Critical - Shock Therapy (4:26)
        Crypsis - No Freedom (3:18)
        Flayed Disciple - The Gates of Bedlam (6:46)
        Maniac Force - Dead Planet (3:11)
        Rapture - Borderline Disorder (4:14)
        Rehabilitator - The End (3:29)
        Temple of Dagon - The Kraken (3:26)

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