Last yr, I wrote an opinion piece describing the problem with S4 of Arrow and the Felicity debacle, it was another review of the season so far, and tbh with you all, it got so bad, I couldn't be bothered to conclude with a deeper blog when it came to the finality of series 4. My heart and love for Arrow were ripped out during S4, and it was once my favorite show. The sign of a good show though, is when they do start trying to correct past mistakes, and lets be real, they stepped up with series 5. Just like Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, the show is much more co-ordinated and together, think of the earlier seasons, which everyone missed, well S5 is pretty much a return to S1/2. Arrow received heavy criticism, and I myself as a longtime fan since season 1, shared those opinions, whilst also feeling greatly concerned about what was happening to one of my favorite shows.

  There is a good solid lesson for TV and movies in general, if you can make the decision to recognise and address what the core audience didn't enjoy, and progress forward with what made your show or movie great in the first place, then you will keep and draw back the long time fans, and excite potential new supporters. Arrow is once again back to the show I must watch, and am excited to see each episode, an awesome feeling, one I'd missed during last season. The actors also look like they are enjoying themselves, adding to the chemistry of the show.

   The Green Arrow is once again a central figure, the new team Arrow is interesting, and I wasn't a fan of Artemis, but the last episode threw a nice curve ball by revealing her to be working for arch villain Prometheus, which was cool. The action scenes are back on form, and are very well choreographed, combined with excellent stunt work, making each episode highly entertaining. The atmosphere has returned to the gritty tone it used to be, Felicity is reduced to the character she once was, light comic relief, and is a minor supporting role instead of an over bearing anchor, which had previously ruined the balance in S4, no disrespect to the actress as it was not her fault, so I think the hatred for her will subside if this remains for future seasons.

  The flashbacks are also well done this year, providing a nice back story, and Dolph Lundgren is a welcome addition. The new vigilante, called 'the vigilante' is great, and I really liked the introduction of this character. DC version of the Punisher. 

   I hope people give the show a chance, and lay off with the hate, as even myself didn't think I'd be writing so positively about season 5, but I am, and the team certainly tried, and pulled out all the stops so far. If the remainder of season 5 continues in this vein, then it will easily go in my tops for 2016. 

   Thank you Arrow for restoring my faith and taking the show back to what it was.

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