Featured in this episode: Celtic Punk pre show warm up, as The Captain and his crew ready themselves, and get into the spirit, then Crimson Bones sails the high seas w/ Thrash, Crossover, Old School DM, Thrash, silly humor, Storecard Dave, skits, mosh, & Thrash!!!!!! Yarrrrrr!
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    Terrifier - Sect of the Serpent (6:44)
    Zombie Attack - Hell March (2:38)
    Protector - Lycopolis (3:39)
    Mortillery - Black Friday (3:57)
    Raw - Stop Asking (3:00)
    Krepitus - Erroneous (4:55)
    Assassin - Red Alert (5:27)
    Hazmat - Sold (4:55)
    Exumer - Death Factory (2:57)
    Gorilla Troops - Shrines (3:15)
    Necromancia - Global Fall (2:15)
    Sacrifice - Freedom Slave (4:01)
    Crusted Trust - Chemical Weapon (Fat Vocals Bonus) (2:19)
    Deceiver - Machinery of God (3:16)
    Gorilla Troops - Doors (3:29)
    Gorilla Troops - Storm (4:54)
    Embedded - Grinding the Bones (4:21)
    Entrench - Calm the Urge (6:42)
    Lunatics Without Skateboards - Go Song (1:04)
    Lost Society - Diary Of A Thrashman (2:42)
    Gorilla Troops - Spider-Punks (3:56)
    Maskhera - Iskander (4:43)
    Morbid Saint - Living Misery (3:45)
    Cryptic Void - Wasteland Pt. 2 (0:31)
    Cryptic Void - Key Of The Abyss (0:51)
    Altar Of Sin - Les Demons (2:25)
    Holy Moses - In the Slaughterhouse (2:30)
    Despair - Burnt Out Souls (5:16)
    Jurassic Jade - Heart's Core (4:21)
    Maniac Force - Metal Invasion (4:38)
    Pessimist - Don't Care (3:02)
    Razormaze - Electric Deception (6:35)
    KEMAKIL - Dead Wagon (3:18)
    Sabbat - A Dead Man's Robe (4:49)
    Ripper - Rotten Dreams (3:16)
    Voodoo Gods - Devotion to the Great Nebula (5:29)
    Foreseen - Contrast's Clear (3:01)
    Sacrilege - Fear Within (5:06)
    Triage - Dystopic Scene (2:16)
    Stressed Out - Depression (1:54)
    Death Breath - Dragged Through The Mud (4:07)
    Left Cross - Necromunda (2:34)

 So, ah ha yarr, it be Captain Midnight Mosh, and The Crimson Bones! Ye wanted us to sail the fine seas again, hoisting the sails for thrash, well I heard ye... 

Resting in slumber, thirsting,
Seeking enternal thrash metal hunger,
The dark depths, waiting.

When shall I sail again?
Dreaming of The Crimson Bones,
High seas, my home.

Thrash adventure and mosh plunder,
Taverns, fine ales,
Many a man's tale.

Waking, raising my stare,
It's not a dream, standing,
Waiting for the hour.

11.55 pm, pocket watch,
Gazing at my outstretched hand,
Tick, tock, tick.

Smelling the air,
Creaking boards beneath my feet,
Mainstream pop music ship spotted.

Glaring past the ship's bow,
Barking at the crew,
Set course first mate.

11.59 pm, 
The Hands tick, 
My time.

Tis the hour,
Crimson Bones devours.

For I am Captain Midnight Mosh,
And my ship, be The Crimson Bones,
The high seas, our home.
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