Monday, 14 November 2016


 Ohhhhhh, and haha in a silly excitable manner, guess what?, it's only more rad infused punk noise! Limp Blitzkrieg are from Poland, and play female fronted d-beat/hc punk, and once again, I'm very, very excited. The album Wypierdalac contains 10 tracks of a straight forward wall of noise assaulting your ear drums, and do I want to start running around in circles. Lyrically it the usual punk themes so it ticks all the boxes, but this is solid stuff. 

 I'm a little biased with hc punk, especially the raw stuff, but if you enjoy the same kind of sounds, then you will not be disappointed. I like the vocals too, they flow together nicely with the guitars and drums. An awesome album, which unleashes primal raw fury for fans of d-beat/hcpunk.

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