Supergirl is a show going from strength to strength so far, especially when we look back to season one, which was cheese to put it kindly. I think with S1, they tried to much in a short space of time, leaving Supergirl with a cluttered and rushed feeling, and the show did not quite flow or seem coherent. Aside from the crossover with The flash, S1 languishes in the halls of cheese.

  Fast forward to season 2, Supergirl is now a well co-ordinated series both from an acting and story arc perspective. I find myself laughing a lot and enjoying each episode, the pace is slower, allowing time to develop characters and plot lines. Everything just seems together and ran more professionally, giving us the Supergirl show we needed with season 1. In-fact, we could argue that season 1 can be forgotten as this is the real start of Supergirl.

 When Supergirl first aired, I knew it was terrible, but it was a guilty pleasure, I watched every episode, thinking surely this cannot get any worse, but I'm glad the writers and team got there in the end. It's kinda the same situation with Legends of Tomorrow, which suffered from a poor 1st season, but there were a few good episodes, however, S2 is a different ball game.

   I do hope at one stage they merge Supergirl's earth with the Flash and Arrow verse, anyway a special week of comic book TV hits us next Monday with the 4 night crossover event featuring the Dominators. It all starts on Supergirl, and I'm fully hyped up.

  Hopefully, if I can find some free time, I will write up my thoughts on Arrow season 5, another show turning around for the better, and is clearly ignoring S4 for the most part, a good thing. We needed Arrow to be back on form, which is great for the fans and actors. Watch S2 of Supergirl, if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed. 

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