Saturday, 17 December 2016


Here is the Ancient Visonz best of 2016 music, but it's a small, brief, and direct list. I've just returned from a temporary hiatus with college studies, and am too swamped to go through a yr's worth of albums, so I just listed genres. 

1. HC Punk - What a shocker. I've pretty such said hc punk since forever. It' my favorite music above everything. In truth, punk and hc in all forms keeps growing stronger with numerous hc bands releasing rad EPS & LPS, grindcore bands bringing the fury, crust & d-beat staying strong, and punk from celtic punk to anarcho punk, & many more. 

2. Thrash - Hah someone may think well we know you are a big thrash fan, but for real, if anyone has heard The Wastelands or Audio Aggression this yr, then you will be aware of quality underground thrash bands.

3. Underground Hip Hop - Real hip hop, and we do not mean anything replicating the awful sound plaguing the mainstream. 

4. Underground Metal - All other genres of metal from dm, power, and so on. Solid yr.

See you on The Wastelands today. 

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