Friday, 16 December 2016

Ancient Visionz - Best of 2016 TV

Ancient Visionz - Best of 2016 TV

Due to college studies I could not watch every show out there, but here is my top 2016 from what I did see. I started writing a few thoughts next to each show, then became lazy when I looked at the backlog to clear from the last few weeks.

1. Ash vs Evil Dead
 The pure comedy, interesting characters, and fine displays by all the cast make this our no1 favorite show of 2016. Forget The Yawning Dead, I gave up on that snooze fest on season 5. If you like interesting characters, entertainment, and a good giggle then it has to be Ash vs Evil Dead. 

2. Agents of Shield
Really enjoyed it this season with the inclusion of Ghost Rider. Awesome.

3. Arrow
Currently, Arrow has returned to the show it once was, and is rad to watch. The Green Arrow is once again a central character and Felicity has been reduced back to light doses of comic relief, which works fine, and Prometheus is a great villain. I hope it continues and maintains the consistent quality.

4. Supergirl
Such a turn around compared to last season. Flows together and the acting has improved immensely. S1 was crud and a guilty pleasure for me, but this yr I actually enjoy Supergirl.

5. The Flash
 Doesn't go quite as high in the list this yr, due to a few filler episodes, notably the one featuring the giant holograph monster, which was butt. Concerned that melodrama and to many other characters are creeping into the show, which was the problem with Arrow during season 4. I've still enjoyed it, but one day it would be cool to see some of the DC shows air on other networks outside the CW.

6. Luke Cage
 Some people didn't rate Luke Cage, and others like myself loved it, but one thing was clear, a gritty street approach to the super hero genre, which was refreshing to me. 

7. Vikings
 Interesting and excellent as always.

8. Legends of Tomorrow
Much better than season one, and Heatwave is my favorite character as he is hilarious. Cheesy, but in a good way. Legion of Doom is shaping up nicely.

9. The Last Ship
 Enjoyable action/thriller drama about the last remaining ship in the US navy.

10. Dark Matter
Rad indie sci fi show, one of the better shows to hit the Sci Fi Channel.

11. The Expanse
Good sci fi series set in the far future.

12. Supernatural
 Quite an ordinary season so far, not terrible, but not great. Crowley is fun as usual, but not much to be excited about. 

13. The Shooter
New series based on the movie. Good stuff.

14. Hip Hop Evolution
A solid hip hop documentary examining the roots of the genre, but sadly, no mention of today's underground, and does seem out of touch with the current underground scene, which is where real hip hop can be found. However, for the roots and history it's great.

15. Barbarians Rising
 Was an ok show detailing various barbarian leaders struggles against the Roman Empire. 

16. Marco Polo
Despite the announced cancellation, it was a fairly decent series, but second season suffered a few slow episodes.

17-20. X Games, Wrestling, Soccer, & NBA.
 I needed something to fill up the 17-20 slots, & I like those sports.

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