Ughh where do I begin with Passengers? Whilst watching the movie I felt like I was a passenger onboard a interstellar turd vessel, lost in the vast vacuum of space, refusing to be flushed away. I actually held some anticipation for Passengers, and I'd argue the first 20-30 mins are interesting, which opens with Chris Pratt awakening from stasis to roam the ship alone. It sets up the first act and is a fairly intriguing introduction. Unfornately, this is where Passengers stops, and transitions into one of the worst movies to hit 2016 after the Ghostbusters reboot. Make no mistake, Passengers is one colossal turd. Jenifer Lawrence demonstrates again why she cannot act and brings down the movie further.
   There is a moment where Lawrence and co star Pratt entangle with each other in the ship's canteen. Beyond crud doesn't come close to describing the scene. Another cringe worthy moment near the end involves Lawrence trying to revive Pratt in a medical life pod. Sadly she appears to be throwing a tantrum rather than displaying a degree of heightened emotion.

   Lawrence Fisbourne co stars, briefly awakening halfway through the movie to realise that yup I did sign up for this voyage, and so did we the audience. His performance is solid enough, and one of the few highlights in Passengers. It is hard to recommend Passengers as a movie to watch during the holidays, but I guess some minor positives are: the ship looks cool, and Arthur the android barman is mildly amusing
   A poor film, which should be renamed 2 people run around and entangle a bit, whilst the audience find themselves trapped in a turd starship for 2hrs. To sum up, it's butt.
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