Saturday, 10 December 2016


 Hey all, I want to share a few updates and announcements relating to my various radio shows and the Greedmas schedule for them. The Wastelands and my chat radio show are cancelled for this weekend, but return next week with a Xmas schedule. College decided to move the deadline forward for my assignments, which has pleased many of us, it means I'm unable to do any shows this weekend. It may help shed light on why the Ancient Visionz site updates are no longer as frequent as they once were. Depending on my work load, sometimes, I'm only able focus on radio shows. With that being said, the Greedmas schedule for my radio shows are a little revised to accommodate the fact, many of us will be on vacation during the holidays, myself included.

  Please check the site for updates after Tuesday, 13th December. Patrick may post a few reviews or interviews before the 13th, but I myself am not available until after the 13th, which is my deadline day for college. Greedmas schedule posted below.

Greedmas schedule for Ancient Visonz, The Wastelands, Chat Radio show:

Friday 16th December, 5-7pm EST, 10pm-12am UK: Ancient Visionz/PX Radio live w/ Cesar, director of Aria the film. It's Cesar's 2nd time back on the show. 

Saturday 17th December: The Wastelands Metal Punk Radio, usual 4-7pm EST/9pm-12am UK, but we maybe revising the start time to avoid potential clashes with Star Wars Rogue One, so please check the site sometime next week after Tuesday .

Sunday 18th December: Ancient Visionz/PX Radio, 5-7pm EST, 10pm-12am UK: Possibly live with our friend Christian, an American Civil War historian and paranormal investigator.

Week beginning Monday 19th December-23rd December: Planned bonus editions of The Wastelands and Ancient Visionz/PX chat radio, airing live before leaving for Xmas vacation, featuring 2 editions of The Wastelands, which are the Greedmas and Poo Yr editions, so I'm providing help to get through Greedmas music. Possible extra episode from The Wastelands with an Underground Hip Hop edition.

Ancient Visionz/PX chat radio: An open call in edition with the Planet X Records roster joining myself and VX to do a best of 2016, movie talk/news, and an a PXR update for 2017. Friends from various scenes are welcome to join us, so we may feature some random guests. 

24th December-2nd Jan 2017: Ancient Visionz on Xmas vacation, no shows or updates until my Xmas vacation is over. During this period I'm not sure if Patrick is posting anything on the site during the holidays.

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