I wanted to write this review asap before going on vacation for Greedmas and sitting on a toilet for 2 weeks pooping out turds from copious amounts of Xmas dinners. Repulsive Vision, a name probably apt for describing an X Factor carol service, but in this instance are a old school death metal band playing straight up direct in your face mosh.

  The band contacted Ancient Visionz a few days ago during my thrash radio show, and I liked what I heard. The music is tight, flows together nicely to deliver a raw thrashy barrage of old school death metal with notable hc punk influences, giving Repulsive Vision a rawer edge.   

  If I was to attach a quote to Repulsive Vision's album, 'Look Past The Gore and See The Art', then it would be "ohhhhhhhh". It is the same feeling when I hear hc punk, d-beat, and crust punk, I tend to react with a "ohhhhhhh", and am quickly wanting to participate in one of my favorite sports, mosh pit mattress shield walls. 

  There is a good tempo maintained throughout Look Past The Gore and See The Art, and powerful boss riffage and accompanying drums matching the rhythm, which should please those who enjoy swinging their heads around. Vocally it's good, not a band where the music is rad, but you want to turn off the singer. The classic horror themed approach makes Repulsive Vision a well rounded band, complementing each other nicely.

  Look Past The Gore and See The Art does feel like a horror movie you would see on TV with hordes of the undead running towards you whilst the band provide the soundtrack.

  Punks will enjoy Repulsive Vision for the raw, thrashy, speed, and hc punk vibe that I can hear in their sound. Therefore, the band in our opinion will appeal to both punks and metalers.

  To sum up, Repulsive Vision offer a rad and raw, thrashing, direct, hc punk influenced fast paced brand of old school death metal. Highly recommended. Look Past The Gore and See The Art is available from Bret Hard Records on the 13th of January. Make sure to keep a note of the release date to help mosh away those winter blues.

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