Normally I'd write a deeper, in depth review, but it has been a crazy period recently. Here is my quick look at Star Wars Rogue One. Last year I fell to SW fanboyism surrounding the hype with The Force Awakens, and was as guilty as anyone for adding to the hysteria. I watched it 4 times to see if I could enjoy anything other than a few aspects, and no, it was nothing but a mediocre movie, which in true JJ Abrams style appeared to be a rehash of earlier films, then repackaged for the mainstream to eat up. Whilst those of us who actually like good acting and more developed stories thought "man.... Jar Jar now makes films".

  This festive season we are graced with the first of the anthology films, which hadn't received the same hype as episode 7. Rogue One feel likes a SW movie, evident with the characters, story, and sequences. The acting is good and better than the sub par standard displayed in The Force Unawakens. The characters are interesting because they actually fight and earn their struggles in a gritty environment, conveying the sense of rebellion and oppressor.

  I guess we are gifted with a well rounded and grounded movie that doesn't suffer any sugar coating, and it is clear to see that Rogue one is a much more developed and substantial SW movie. 

  Ok fan boying aside, Rogue One will appeal to those who disliked A New Hope Awakens/Kylo Struggles To Strike Back. There is one scene, the scene everyone is talking about, which yes, is worth the wait. Rogue One is the next best SW film after the OT, and Sci-Fi nerdom aside, it is actually good, and deserves merit. 


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